Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu SLAM!

WhamBamThankYouMa'am, this is our menu for the week.

There's not really a whole lot extra exciting about it, except that it all looks delicious(!!!) and no, I'm not typing this while hungry.  And, besides my little addiction (can a person wear out a link?  I'm sure trying to!) that I'm going to be feeding (haha... feeding... get it? Because my addiction is food... get it?) about 2.4 seconds after I hit "post", it's all new stuff!  I love new stuff!  
ASIDE: Speaking of new stuff, I just ordered the makings of two lovely new duffles, one of which will go on sale in my shoppe, and the other one just might turn into a giveaway on here sometime soon... keep watch!
In addition, I wanted to throw some not-food pictures on here, too, to tell you about my life lately.  So, food, links, recipes, and photos.  What more could a person want?  That's what I'm here for.  I'm a giver, I can't help it.

Handsome & I have been playing solitaire lately.  Together.
Yes, this is mind bottling, and ruins the whole concept.
We're 2 - 0.
Monday:  chicken & gnocchi minstrone soup.  Locals, gnocchi is on sale at Food Lion for a buck '74.  In case you're wondering.  Also, I totally butchered that recipe up thar, and left out the peas, beans, and mushrooms.  It's still delicious.  Also, 8 serv./ 6 pts.  Boo Yah!

Technically, I made the soup yesterday (Sunday).  But we ate it for lunch today.  And dinner.  And lunch tomorrow... meh.  Details.

The next recipe starts our feature food blogger of the week (no, this is not a real thing, you haven't missed a series or something), Annie's Eats!  Really, I just started gathering recipes, and most of them seemed to come from Annie's site.  It's basically the phenom.  You might want to check out her homemade things... Like chocolate sauce, fudge sauce, caramel sauce... pretty much anything ice cream topping, Annie's got it covered.  Covered in FUDGE!  (man, I am killing today!)

Tuesday:  Hot Dogs (!!!!!)  I have been craving me some fire-roasted hot dogs recently.  Really, ever since I checked out that post there.  I may or may not make my own buns, depends on how the day goes, and how hungry I am.  Also, this is subject to weather, as I only eat 'dawgs cooked over open flame.  

Wednesday: Cafe Rio Chicken.  I've never been to cafe rio.  I don't know what their chicken tastes like.  But I do know I'm going to eat this stuff by the forkful right out of the crock pot, because it looks amazsome.  Also going to eat it in tortillas with some sauteed onions and green peppers (also on sale at FL, FYI) and cheese.  Boom.

I did this on Saturday.
Installing bi-fold closet doors is a P*A*I*N.
Jeans shopping is not.
Thursday:  Although we'll probably still be eating Cafe Rio Chicken, I'm going to get all productive on you and claim that I'm cooking again for the 4th straight day in a row (so not true), and making Perfect Meatballs.  It's my mom's recipe.  I should really put a picture up with it.  I miss my mom.  Maybe she'll make meatballs too, and we can eat them over the phone together, like we're having dinner or something.  Whatdaya say, Mum?  want me to chew in your ear?  I know you do!

I also did this on Saturday.
With a handsaw.
Much stress was relieved, and I started clearing the spot for our garden.

Friday:  In a similar vein to the explanation above, let's pretend I'm cooking on Friday night, too, although I'm pretty sure Handsome is on shift and I'll have enough leftovers at this point to choke a horse (which is a terrible metaphor, by the way).  However, if I were to cook, and when I do cook next, I'll be making this Mexican Chicken Casserole.  
ASIDE: When Handsome first started his part time job, the guys he worked with asked if I was Mexican.  Because I sent so many Mexican food dishes with him to work.  You know, like enchiladas smothered in cheese, quesadillas, and tacos.  Just like someone with real Mexican heritage would...
Breakfasts this week will consist of Various Egg Dishes (since eggs are on sale at Bi-Lo for $1/doz.) and maybe a batch of these Lemon Blueberry Pancakeys, if I'm feeling up to it.

I also made this, then held it up in victory (apparently).
It's pretty clutch.
get it?!

 Off to make the  doughnuts   meringues,


  1. I haven't finished this post yet--I stopped at the solitaire thing, because I remember on lazy weekends my parents laying in bed and playing double solitaire. That's right--there's a 2-player solitaire game.

    1. This changes everything!! Thanks for the tip, I'm definitely checking it out!
      <3 Mariah

  2. I regret to inform you that tomorrow is slated to be taco night in our household, so you won't be able to munch meatballs in your mom's ear... Sorry, sister-friend.


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