Sunday, February 26, 2012

Morning Moments

I sent Husband packing the other morning.  Just off to work, nothing serious.  But as he was leaving, I noticed I'd left the grill uncovered, so I went running out to fix it and ...

... and I noticed something.

It was WARM.  Like, warm warm.  Like, 74*F, warm.  At 6:30 in the morning.  In February.

Which is weird, yes, but also fantastic!  I decided that a moment such as this must not be questioned, but rather captured!  So I gathered up some breakfast things and headed out to our deck to enjoy this weird-yet-fantastic turn of events, rather than crawling back into bed for an hour..

Little note: I got that bible before I was engaged.
But I had a feeling that I might get engaged soon (happened 7 months post)
So I had it "engraved" with my first and middle name only.
You know, because I'd be getting a new last name.
Corny and practical, all in one fell swoop.
I was going to lighten the above photo, but then again, I wanted you to see what it was really like.  It was dark.  And warm.  Don't forget the warmth of the moment.

Muffin Recipe found Here.
Be warned: Dogs that are tall enough like to eat them off the table while you run inside to put milk in your tea.
Hypothetically, the discipline from said event can really ruin the whole mojo of the morning.

Face has been blurred to protect the guilty.


The sunrise was totally worth the missing hour of sleep.  Of course, along with this weird warmth came 7 hours of tornado warnings.  But life is a mixed bag.  Sometimes you just have to go with it.

Making more muffins,


  1. Stunning sunrise. Love mornings like that.

  2. Illeterategranny2/27/2012

    Hope you weren't too rough on Duke.


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