Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Husband's Supper

I'm a feeder.  I feed people.  Its just what I do.  I have very strong feelings against people going hungry, and so, whenever it is within my power, I like to feed people.  So there's that.

You can imagine, this whole "Handsome is at work 50% of my life" thing really puts a cramp in my ability to feed him.  Of course, I'm sure his cholesterol is breathing a sigh of relief, but that's really not the issue here.  The issue is, I like to feed people, especially people I know, and extra-especially people I care about.  Ergo, I like to provide my husband with food.  

This works out pretty steadily at least once a week, when Handsome is up at his part-time station.  There's only a few FF up there on any given night, and none of them are particularly inclined to cook.  The best part of this deal is, most of them are so excited for a good meal that they're willing to clean the kitchen up after I totally wreck it.  And don't even get me started on that kitchen - nicest one I'll ever be in, I'm sure of it.

The view from the drive up this evening.
You can see the storm coming in over the lake.
Don't worry, I didn't take this while driving...
because my car was stopped...
in the middle of the dike...
on the road...

So once a week, I drive up there and cook dinner for the guys.  There is a little bit of prep work that has to go into this because, although their kitchen is beautiful (granite, convection, gas burners, and a whole bunch of other kitchen words that get cooks all hot and bothered), it's stocked like a bachelor pad.  Lots of coffee, plenty of garlic salt, and tortilla chips.  Aside from that, its a dance-with-the-one-who-brung-ya sort of thing with me & my ingredients.

One hint I've found is that, if I'm going to be baking anything, I measure it all out at home, and only take up there what I need.  Maybe this isn't new to you, but it certainly changed my world! [can we say "spilled the bag of flour in the car"?]

For example, tonight we had pancakes, in honor of National Pancake day.  So I wrote out the recipes, and then measured all the dry ingredients together into a ziploc.  Boom.  Done.  Throw the rest of the ingredients in a bag, and when I get there, it comes together so fast, because it's already measured!  This works for pancakes (obviously), biscuits, cake, really anything with dry ingredients.  It could also work with anything, like stir-fry or something with many parts that get tossed in together.  I'd stay away from liquids, but that's a personal choice [and I may or may not have spilled soup in my purse this morning... I prefer not to say].  

On an entirely unrelated note, I love the color of unbleached flour.  It is quickly creeping up the ladder to race neck and neck (who races on a ladder?) with my current favorite color, gray (grey?).  Because, ya know, I'm an exciting person.  Seriously though, it's just beautiful!

To bring this full circle, I have a final photo for you of the lake again.  I know this post is mostly nonsense, but I hope you found something useful in it!  I'm going to be linking up with W(orks)F(or)M(e)W(ednesday), if tomorrow is Wednesday like I think it is.  If its not, well, I've got a load of different problems to deal with.

There was just so much beauty to notice today.
After, of course, I got over the whole "soup in the purse" thing.
May you find beauty in your flour too,

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  1. Your Grandma Peg would be so proud. Ham sandwich anyone?


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