Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Seconds For Me

To reiterate my previous disclaimer, "I was not raised in a church that followed Lent".


Yes.  It's true.  Or maybe I was and somehow missed it for all those years??  It doesn't seem possible, but then again, you wouldn't think it possible for me to need to check the mailbox when I've lost my keys.  Sometimes things just happen around here.  

My words may not be the right words, and my methods may not be typical.  But my heart, my heart wants the real deal.  So for Lent, I'm giving up seconds.  Which seems tiny and petty.  I'm not giving up on the going-back-for seconds for my waist (although it may benefit!) or for my pocketbook, but rather because I want to remember that what I have is enough.  That Jesus is enough.  That what we were given on the cross, what our first portion was, is enough.  

Suffice to say, buffets are pretty much off-limits for a while.
There is a tricky part of this, where I need to not try and trick the system and just carry two plates back with me the first time, or something like that.  This morning, I had two cake pops given to me.  Good day, right?  So I ate one, and it was delicious.  And I did some things.  And then I went to eat the other, and I thought, "Mariah, do you need this?  WAIT!  This would be your second cake pop, wouldn't it?" and so I gave it away and thanked the Lord for being enough.  

Maybe this is weird and doesn't make any sense.  That's okay.  I also ate 3 crackers this evening, but it was a one-fell-swoop kind of thing.  The details are fuzzy.  But I know what I'm meaning.  

Love & Sunshine,


  1. I get what you're saying. And I think (totally just my opinion / thoughts), but I really think it's your intention that counts. I'm sure there are lots of people who give up things for Lent, just because that's how they were raised, or what the church told them to do or whatever, but the fact that you've put thought into it, and chosen something that will repeatedly remind you of what Christ has done for you? Very cool.

  2. Anonymous2/26/2012

    Mariah, had to stay home from church today due to furnace problems, so I decided to tune into your blog for a moment and listen to Pastor Paul's message from last week - which was awesome by the way. Anyway, I miss you and I wanted to "Hear" your voice and words for a moment. Love the part of Jesus being your first portion and being enough. That is a great reminder through this season leading up to his sacrifice for us. Thank you for your words, Lois and I too started some things for Lent and we've been blessed already. One is to pick up the phone every day and pray for the people in our church and the conflict that has been there. We missed a couple days - plans changed, I forgot, etc, so yesterday we connected for 15 min of prayer instead of just 5 and it was so good. Thank you for posting about what Christ did for you and how you want to make sure you focus on Jesus this year. Thank you sweet fire wifee dear. XXOO Jan


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