Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things That Are Not: Heirlooms

There are heirlooms, and then there are not heirlooms.

Its late, and I'm feeling chatty.  Let's have an object lesson here.

Exhibit A: Walnut cedar chest handmade by my Grandpa

Exhibit B: Disposable water bottles

Not heirlooms.

Exhibit C: A bible given on the event of "another awesome beef dinner!"

And now, the point of this post:

Exhibit D: Curtains
Not, (let me be clear here) NOT heirlooms.  

This may have been clear to you, but this was a revelation to me.   I was hemming and pinning, seaming and measuring, like my life depended on it.  Like these were priceless heirlooms that I would one day pass onto my children's children.

They're not.

So, after that epiphany, it really freed me up and got me moving on the whole "window dressings" front.

First up, the living room.

Hidden tab curtains, yes, I was pretty pumped.  So, as you can imagine, I was super excited to show Handsome.  He was happy to have curtains.  And then he says, "Uhm, just a helpful suggestion.  Next time, maybe you could make them wide enough to cover the entire window."

Oh.  Yeah.  I see his point.  If you look at the curtains up above (the beige ones, in the beige room, with beige carpeting), you'll see that they also do not cover the windows.  Whoops.  
TCoTFW: I bought material without measuring the windows first to see how much fabric I needed.  Apparently this is abhorrent to husbands, the whole acting-without-measuring-first.  Really, I'm learning so much in this process.
Since I had already bought all the material for all the windows, I had to make what I had stretch.  Especially since we aren't buying anything this month.  So I came up with an idea for the spare room, which also tied in nicely with my love of... 

... you guessed it!  RUFFLES!!

Ruffles.  In curtains.  And not on the edges.
You're excited, aren't you?
This way, the curtains are wider, and I didn't buy any extra material!
That's a win for the FebFreeze!
I was excited.  Especially when it all started coming together.  I sewed the tabs on the top, and everything was looking mostly square... So I hung up one curtain...

And it was looking good.  So I hung up the second curtain...


I wasn't paying attention (thanks, BBC, for stealing my attention) and sewed the tabs on the wrong end of one of the panels.  Oh, and I made the one on the left about 2 inches too long.  You will notice, however, that the window is covered.  So it's a partial win... right?

In theory, a little more stitchery could get it to a full-on, decorator extraordinaire win, and so back to the sewing machine I went.


I don't know if they're a good size.  They seem weird to me.  Too long, or too wide... let's just say that I''m not going to be offering hand-sewn draperies any time soon.  But they cover our windows, and (hopefully) keep the heat in, the cold out, and (most important) let people sleep until noon!  Mr. Golden Sun, you're on my clock now!

Also, I love this curtain rod.  $13 at Ross.  

Really, the whole situation is going in my win category.  

And Saturday was good.

Queen of Domesticity,


  1. Anonymous2/05/2012

    Sister, the last curtains arent that bad they should just be like a foot longer. It makes the window look like a square and get ready for it I am about to speak math like to you..... They are not square but rectangles. Sorry that's the best math stuff I have. I tried just like you and your curtains. Much love Mar. You don't get to add the tha until you fix the too small curtains.

  2. Anonymous2/05/2012

    Great job! My mom made my clothes as a kid, curtains for several houses, etc. Her rules was get fabric 1 1/2 times the width of the window to allow for hems and some folds. 2 times if it had been a good month.

  3. They are a bit shorter than I would like, but given that the last thing sewn by these hands was a goose pillow whose neck flopped over in home ec circa 1987, all I can say is bravo! Keep at it.

  4. @All,

    Thanks for the tips and encouragement! A little longer may be a good idea, I've got another window to cover up, I'll try it on that! Thanks for stopping in!

    <3 Mariah


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