Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things That Are Not: Running Music

So, apparently, I got my hands on some heavy-grade narcotics a while back.  I don't remember it happening, but I know it must have, because I have playlists set on my Zune that only a person under the influence would put together.

Let's have a show and tell.

Example I:

I love this song for running.  The pace is right for me, the words are fun to try and say.  Running Music.

Example II:

I listened to this entire album for most of my undergrad whenever I was trying to write a paper.  I do like Phil Collins, but running is not where he belongs.  Definitely not running music.

This little example set wouldn't be necessary, except that I ran (most of) a 5K today.  Before setting out, I put on my "Rockin" playlist to help me get a good groove and run.  The second song in, I'm listening to Tarzan.  I couldn't change the song through my gloves, so I had to rip the gloves off, take the Zune off of my arm, shade it from the morning sun, and change the song.  I just know that that little stunt cost me precious minutes.

Its basically why I failed to come in first place.  That and the fact that I'm just plum slow.  But, ya know.  The song had to factor in.

I did finish the race, though.

And this ends our lesson on Things That Are Not: Running Music.  Also, I'm taking offers for someone to organize my music in a way that makes sense to people not doing methamphetamines.  Please list your qualifications below.

Tuckered Out,


  1. Anonymous2/26/2012

    So Proud of You!!! Leah

  2. Illiteratgranny2/26/2012

    Congratulations Meme. Just finishing a 5K is quite an accomplishment. I really like your running outfit. You should have won the best dressed award. Did they give one of those???


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