Thursday, February 2, 2012

Words v. Actions

Handsome and Duke have a love-hate relationship.  Always have.  After we got Duke, it took months before I quit worrying that H. would sell him/drown him (it was a common threat).  The whole house-breaking thing really threw Handsome off his game, and he just wasn't in love with this animal living in his house.  Or so he said with his words.

They do look legitimately skeptical of each other here...
Since that time, through many hours of training on Duke's part and a gradual acclimating on H's, the two have come to an agreement: Duke adores Handsome, and Handsome "tolerates" Duke, as far as verbal is concerned.  Actions, however, tell a different story.

I'll leave the house, and come back hours later to find the two of them asleep on the floor.  H. is sweaty, Duke is panting.  They've wrestled the entire time I've been gone.  Its something that Handsome has just always done with Dukey; something I can't seem to do.  I've tried to learn the wrestling moves (H. gives them names like "Death Trap" and "Vortex" and "Snake Bite"), but I just don't have that... killer play instinct, I guess.

So today, when Handsome said to Duke, "Duke, sometimes I want to chop you right here, and sever your spine, so you can't follow me around anymore.  You'd just have drag yourself everywhere," I wasn't very concerned.  Because, although he's a fighter with his words...

I know he's a lover at heart.

Circus Master, AKA,


  1. Shannon2/02/2012

    Clint was the same way with Brinx! Now they went on a road trip together to New B tonight! He used to NEVER take him... no he took him. haha. Its love. Miss you! :)

  2. I think this is your best post ever. It makes me feel all full and warm inside. And homesick for you. And Duke. And, yes, even Dante!

  3. We had that same issue because I fostered two tiny dogs from my aunt while she was out of town and then when she moved I adopted them. I did't consult hubby and that NEVER happens. But these girls were mine. My beloved chihuahua dug into his heart right away as he complained about how much he hated the stupid little dogs. When he sat down after shift she ran over and licked his face with no abandon. She pushed her way right in and it was devistating when we lost her last summer.

    Her sister is working hard at it but she's not the same. She's a foofoo maltese but she just adores him and has been forcing her way in. After the rough life they've had before us, this is big and I laugh hysterically.

    You don't wrestle with your dog? I'm jealous. It was the only way I could finally get our lab to listen. She was raised only by men and she's an alpha-female. It's why we got her, she and the other female's fought. After a few months I'd had it and after much joking I wrestled her down and had a discussion with her. I had to do it often and for a while. Yes, you have to parent the darn dogs too! I still have to wrestle with her, but now at 11 I let her pretend to win some. She constantly has to be reminded who is alpha in this house lol Thank God for dogs!

  4. @Shannon,

    I love that Clint does it too! Handsome won't say it, but I know he's in love :) Hope you have a great birthday with your boys, by the way!

    <3 Mariah

  5. @Val,

    My puppy is my baby dog, he's never been "alpha" in any way. That gets me out of a lot of power struggles. We play and if he's misbehaving, I have to drop him, but I can't just wrestle for hours like Handsome can! Good luck to your maltese with the <3 forcing. A person can't make another person love them, but I think a dog can by sheer will :)

    <3 Mariah


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