Thursday, March 22, 2012

And The Lucky Irish (Wo)Man Is...

Of course, being the Engineering nerd afficianado that I am, I used Excel to figure out the random number for the drawing.  I've seen people who use their cute little children to draw out of the hat, or things like that.  Duke can't count to 38 (the number of entries there was total), so he's pretty useless in that department.  

And Excel Said:

And lucky number 17 (really, my second favorite number, eva) is...

Congrats Anne, you're the lucky winner!  I'd tell you to send me your information, but I'm pretty sure my mom has it.  So I'll ship your new duffle off to you shortly!

To all others who participated (or even those who didn't), I've got a special treat for you.  If you're still interested in anything at my shoppe, use the coupon code IRISHWOMAN, from now to the end of March, for 20% off!  Because I just appreciate you all so much!

Enjoying the last day of our visit,


  1. Anne McDermott3/22/2012

    Mariah, I'm hoping I'm the "Anne" (with an "e"?) who was your lucky #17! Your excel randomization is too much. I'm planning to see the purse you did for your Grandma Jan tomorrow. I'm home recuperating from shoulder surgery and have been invited to join the ladies for lunch:)

    1. Well, wonderful! It was you, and so I'll be mailing your bag to you shortly! I hope you recuperate well!
      <3 Mariah


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