Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake Week 2012: An Interview

Hello Everyone!  This is Mariah Stephanolikus reporting from Thee FireWife's house!  I'm here today to interview TFW and get the skinny (or not-so-skinny) on Cake Week 2012 - How to enter, how to vote, and more importantly for our readers out there, How To WIN!


M: 'Morning TFW, that's some pretty ... uh, interesting hair you're sporting there.
TFW: Thanks M, I haven't combed it in two days.

M:  Before we get too far into your daily hygiene or lack-therof, let's steer this conversation towards Cake Week 2012.  What is it?  Why are we doing Cake Week 2012?
TFW:  The answer to that is twofold.  First, the goal of Cake Week 2012 is to celebrate life with cakes.  All sorts of cakes.  Because I gave up sweets for Lent, and I love sweets, Cake Week 2012 gives me something to look forward to!  Second, Cake Week is an online community event, where readers get to share their favorite cakes, vote on those cakes, and then see them made in a real, everyday kitchen.  The cakes will be photographed, eaten, reviewed, and most importantly, prizes will be awarded!

M:  Okay TFW, your readers want to know about Cake Week 2012.  It seems that your instruction on how to enter were a little unclear.  Can you help us with that?
TFW: Sure!

If you want to enter a cake into the Cake Week  Celebration, you can do one of three things:

  1. Leave a comment on the post HERE telling me about the cake you want to submit. 
  2. Leave a comment on TFW's new Facebook Page HERE 
  3. Pin a pretty little pin of your favorite cake and mention me (@theefirewife) in the comments!  

M:  That sounds like an easy way to enter!
TFW:  The point isn't to make it hard.  And the best part is, you can add as many cakes as you want.  One reader has submitted 7 cakes so far!  Thats more than enough to win every day, if she's lucky!

M:  Speaking of winning, how does a person win a prize during Cake Week 2012?
TFW:  There are quite a few ways to win, so get ready, here we go!  Once everyone has submitted cakes (deadline 3/31 @ 11:59PM), we will begin voting!  Each day, from 4/1 - 4/6, readers will vote on their favorite cake.  The person who's cake is chosen will win a prize, and one lucky voter FROM EACH DAY will also win a prize.  Then, during Cake Week 2012 (4/8-4/14), there will be some very special prizes given away  for the best cakes of the week.

M:  That's a whole lot of winners!  Are you going to be giving away lame presents, like that year that Handsome handed out canned potatoes to the poor trick-or-treaters?  I don't really want to win a can of potatoes...
TFW:  No way!  This is a No-Lame-Prize-Zone here.  We've got a whole bunch of sponsors lined up, just waiting to bestow their great products upon some lucky readers.  Everything from screen-printed kitchen linens to hand-made chocolates to decorations and more!  There's even a special Cake Week 2012 gift currently in the works, as well as gift certificates to some great shops!  A few more prizes may even pop up along the way!  Trust me, M.  This is something where you'll definitely want to be a winner.

M:  FireWife, are you going to be eating all of these cakes you bake?
TFW:  Why yes, M, that is a big part of it.  And by "eating all of [the] cakes [I] bake", I mean that I will be sampling all of them, and then sharing them.  Handsome will probably get in on the action, too.

M:  Aren't you worried about gaining 12 pounds in 7 days?  Or have you lost weight from not eating sweets during Lent, and are looking to gain it back?
TFW:  Actually, I've consumed more chips during these past few weeks than I had in an entire year before that, so no, I haven't lost any weight that I'm looking to regain.  I will, however, be training for a Mud Run that is taking place on the 15th, the day after Cake Week is over.  I think that may help offset some of the calories.  Honestly, a few pounds is a chance I'm willing to take, a sacrifice I'm willing to make.  I just love you guys so much.  I believe it's called "Taking one for the team".  That's what I'm doing for you, by eating all of the cakes.

M:  Thank you, TFW!  Your sense of duty and sacrifice overwhelms me.  You've answered all of my questions, and made me really hungry for some cake!  Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?
TFW:  Yes, M, there is.  I wanted you to know that I picked up these yesterday at SallyAnne's, and they're going to make Cake Week 2012 that much more exciting with different sizing options.

Also, I wanted to let all of my bloggy friends know that I'd love it if they baked along with me during Cake Week, even if just for a day!  They can contact me if they're interested!  And finally, I wanted you all to know that YOU readers are what will make Cake Week 2012 great!  Keep the recipes comin'!

M:  Alright, remember you heard it here!  Stay classy, people of the world
TFW:  FireWife Out!


Well folks, that's the news.  So rack your brains, submit some sweet recipes, and get ready to start voting and winning!
I just  interviewed myself and liked it,


  1. Ok first off you are amazing, now I am upset that I cannot come and bake with you.

    1. Uh, why can't you come bake with me?

  2. the best (&easy which is always just as important) chocolate cake recipe!

    1. Rebecca, I got it! It's on the board & in the running! Delicious AND easy works for me!

  3. I love imagining what was going on in your head while writing. I imagine you chuckled to yourself a lot while writing this post. Thanks for making me laugh.


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