Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Garden Games

Okay, that's a misnomer.  There are no games here.  No games except Who's The Best Tool User.  I totally win at that game, all the time.  Totally did today, fo sho, 100 per-cent.  Of course, I was the only one playing, but still, it counts.

See that tool?  That's a Miter Saw.  I love that tool.  Seriously, LOVE.  If I could get a t-shirt with that tool on it, I would.  I might even frame that picture up there and hang it in my dining room.  Call it fine art.  Love me a miter saw.  Its just so... so... versatile.  Powerful.  AWESOME.  

Also, please don't ask how I was able to cut such small pieces.  Apparently, I did it incorrectly, and the judges docked me accordingly.  If it happens again, I'm going to have to pay a fine.  I know, I've been warned.
ASIDE: The mention of "fines" made me think about The Steelers and how their players get fined all the time for playing real-man-football, instead of whiney-wussie-football.  Which made me remember that they released Hines Ward, which makes me sad.  Which then made me remember that the Colts released Peyton, which is just mind bottling, and very sad as well.  The NFL is going nuts, that's all I know.  Can we just agree on that? FW out.
So anyhow, today, while I was totally kicking some tail in the WTBTU game, here's what happened.  

I started with this...

Worked a little magic with the corners...

And ended up with...


There's enough wood in the back of that truck up there to make 5 more, plus some Potato Penthouses, (more on that later).  I'm so excited to be moving along with this garden.  Handsome is working hard too, chainsawing (verb tense there, anyone?  A little help?) everything in sight, and burning the evidence.  Hopefully, after tomorrow, we'll have the area cleared, and the beds built, so that we can move on to soil prep.

I'm so super pumped about the potatoes.  I've got 3 different varieties, ready to go.  Red, like last year, yukon yellow, because I hear they're awesome, and BLUE potatoes, too.  Handsome is weirded out because the bag says they have "a nice nutty flavor" but I assured him they'd be fine.  Pluse, since we have the complete primary colors in potatoes, we can have mashed potatoes in any color!  How sweet is that?!  Again, more on that later.  [bet you're just dying to know!]

The tutorial from the beds can be found at this awesome website.  So many DIY plans for furniture and things!  Check it out!

My heart grows along with my garden, 


  1. Wow, that is great. You are awesome. Power tools scare me :(

    NFL sounds like it's going the way of Nascar. Turning it into a sissy sport. I don't want people to get hurt or killed, but without the good stuff, we might as well be watching a hamster spinning on wheel going no where.

  2. illerategranny3/09/2012

    You are one amazing woman. Just please be careful with the power tools.


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