Friday, March 23, 2012

Mary Contrary

I've got these neighbors.  They're pretty much the best ever.  Mary & Harold.  Makes me smile just to think about them.  Mary & Haraldo are probably in their 70's.  Their grandson is my age, whatever age that makes them.  Those two, they are always in their yard.  Mostly Mary does the work, although Haraldo gets into it sometimes.  Mostly he just laughs.  More of a chuckle, really.  It goes like this:
Me: Hey Harold!
Harold: He he he... hi!
Me: How you doing?
Harold: He he he aha ha... Oh good.
Me: Hey, sorry about that spaceship that landed on your house
Harold: He he ha ha aha he... Oh, no trouble. 
Really, I can't explain all the ways that he's a gem.  He just is.

Their yard shows how much time they spend in it.  It really is beautiful.  Being as this is my first spring in this house (which Handsome keeps forgetting and makes comments like "It's been over a year and we still haven't _____ with this house..."), I'm especially taken aback by their yard this spring.  I mean, wow.  So, while I sat inside today and smelled the beautiful smells and saw the beautiful sights, I thought it'd be nice if I shared it with you.

Unfortunately, smell-i-vision hasn't been invented yet.  Honestly, I'm not so sure about the whole concept.  There's a lot of things that a person just doesn't want to smell.  I would not have nearly so much fun watching The Farm Channel, for instance, if I had to smell manure all the time... I just don't think the world is ready for it.

But you will be able to get the picture(s).  Since you can't come tour Mary & Harold's place (although I'm sure they'd let you), I'm taking you on a virtual tour.  Just pretend like it smells like fresh rain, flowers, and wonderfulness, and you'll have the whole experience!

What do you like about your neighbors?  Do you have any tips (other than "good fences") for having a good relationship with your neighbors?  I'm still pretty new to this whole neighborhood thing, so I'd love your suggestions!

Feeling like spring has sprung,


  1. ummmm. our closest neighbor is a mile away! glad you like yours - and what beautiful pictures! i will see you in april at amy's for (in)RL!

    1. Someday I want far away neighbors... not because of an aversion to people, but more a love of land and open spaces. ahh... a girl can dream. Can't wait to meet you! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. illerategranny3/25/2012

    I love my neighbors because they are my relatives. As you know m my sister-in-law lives beside us and she and I are not only sister-in-laws, but friends. She also has a very large great dane who I love love. He is so silly but such a gentle soul.


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