Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Morning Tree Video

Because every morning should start off with something inspiring, invigorating, and exciting.  Be warned, the video is loud, as, well, it's of a chainsaw and a falling tree.  And, if a tree's death (however timely - it was rotted on bottom) makes you sad, you should just skip down to the Fun Fact and don't watch the video.  It's all about starting the week off right.

On a related note, do any of you out there like the way your voice sounds?  I've heard (in a class or something) that the reason we don't hear ourselves the same when speaking as when recorded is because when we speak, we hear our voice, and also the vibrations that go along with speaking, which makes our voice sound lower to us.  When recorded, no vibrations = higher pitched voice.  (article here)  So in case you didn't find the video above to be inspiring or invigorating, now you have a fun fact to share with coworkers, and I've provided you with something informational.

You're welcome.  For the video, and the titillating (which always seems like a bad word to me) tidbit.  Go & live your Monday like a boss!
Empowering others,
(A.K.A. - TFW)


  1. JayneKGold3/05/2012


  2. no goggles, no hard hat. but he did RUN which was smart. I'll have Ken watch it and score him on style points.


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