Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Names and Titles

Want to know what I love?  I would love for you to share with me, what you love.  And since I'm assuming you're a little bit like me (but not too much, don't worry), I'm going to assume that you want to know what else I love.

I love when handsome calls me something that's not my real name.  Even if it's "Mrs. Motor Oil" like I got yesterday when I showed up at the fire station.  Those guys, they thought it was hilarious that I had slicked my hair down while changing my oil.  Sometimes it's sweet, and that's normal to like.  And sometimes it's a joke or a wisecrack, and maybe you're not supposed to like being called things like that.

But I do.  It lifts my heart.  Makes me happy to be so... known.  

I guess people who don't know you could call you something other than what your name is, but that's hardly ever heart-lifting.  

My grandmas, they call me MeMe (although one spells it MiMi).  It's a grandma name, which is fitting in a backwards sort of sense.  I've been called that by them, ever since I was a baby.  Something about running towards the couch yelling, I don't remember much of it.  But I love when they call me that, too.  

Being called "Thee FireWife", well, I think that's sort of weird.  But it seems that everyone who knows anything keeps telling me that branding yourself is key.  "Key" to what?  I'm not sure.  I still don't know what I'm doing on here, other than connecting with you peeps.  
ASIDE:  Oh no.  Peeps.  Now I've done it.  My mind is on a candy craving again.  23 days until Good Friday.  Is that when Lent is over? Gosh, I'm not good at this!

 Anyhow, as a method of branding myself (which just sounds painful, now that I've written it twice!), and because a lady at the post office asked me what I was mailing and when I told her "I make purses, like this one" she asked if I had a card and I had to tell her "no", and then I felt bad, I've gone and done it.  Yep.  Made myself a card.  I don't know that I'll give them out, unless provoked, but maybe I'll hide them places.  Let it be sort of like an Easter Egg hunt or something.  We'll see.

You saw it here first.
And likely last.

Apparently I'm offering home-made baked goods, as well as hand-made fabric things.  I didn't really know that until I made up the cards, but that's what they say and I've order 250 of them, so it's a done deal now.  So it seems I've saddled myself with this moniker, even if I'm unsure about it.  Sounds like me, impulsive and half-baked, but possibly genius :)

What about you?  Any names you hate?  Any that lift your heart?

Only the Mister calls me Mrs. Motor Oil


  1. Most favorite...Ma, Nonna, Grandma
    Least favorite...when my husband jokingly calls me "Mother". As in "Mother and I are going to stop by the chicken and biscuit dinner on our way home from the hymn sing on Sunday." Creepy.

    There is one person at my work who calls me "Toots". I don't particularly like her and I have never been a lover of nicknames (refer to the names of my children) but, if I had to have a nickname, Toots is pretty cute.

    One more not so favorite: When a woman young enough to be my daughter who stands behind a cash register or takes my order at a cash register calls me "Hon". Not cool.

    1. @Dallimomma,

      You mean "Mom", off of my lips, isn't the sweetest name you've ever been called??

      Would you prefer I call you "Toots"? ;)

      <3 Mariah

  2. illiterategranny3/15/2012

    My favorite name is Jannie, which is a nick name for Jan. My children even call me that at times, it is not disrespectful when they say it, I think they are just being silly. I don"t like to be called Janice. I was called that while in highschool and it made me angry because I didn't care for the person who called me that. I love to be called Mom or Gramma or Gram. When the youngest was little , it was gamma, Ihated it when she got to old to call me that.


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