Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pins On The Brain

First, let me tell you all, I loved all of your great comments and interaction from the giveaway!  I appreciate that you stop here, that you talk to me, that we get to just... know each other.  Sharing, you know, that stuff.  The giveaway also gave me time away to fully enjoy time with the in-laws.  

We had a great time.

And we worked like dogs.

Not that I've ever seen a dog actually work, but I hear Australian shepherds do work sometimes.  Or something like that.  My FIL, I'll tell you what.  That man is happiest when working, and it's impressive what he can get accomplished.  I'm not going to tell you that it's all fun, but it's impressive ;-)

Anyhow, I'll be updating you on the hard won progress soon.  But for now, in my final days of Spring Break, I've got a leetle bit-o-time to get my creativeness out.  And I've turned to pinterest for some inspiration.  Here's a mix of my favorite things.  Some I can do, some I can't.  But it's nice to imagine!

1. Crispy Gnocchi and Pesto
Technically, I made this already.
But I'm making it again.
Because it's easy and delicious.
Seriously, they are just... so fun to bit into!

2. Fabric Rosettes
They're cute, and could have so many uses.
Or they could just sit around my house in various places.
Either way, I call it necessary.
3. I want to make this wall hanging (left) in this color scheme (right).
I love gray (grey?).
I'm just going to tell you, it's my favorite color, and I'm not ashamed.
Even if it means I'm boring.
I'm okay with boring.

4. I want to take a beautiful picture, like this one.
Not actually this one, since it is from Italy, and I have about a ZERO chance of going there.
Manageable goals are what it's all about, people. 

5. It would be nice to make this.
The only thing holding me back (and no, it's not my complete LACK of upholstery skills) is this:
I have yet to find a vintage suitcase that... well, that doesn't smell/look like something died in there.
If you find one, please send it to me.
'kay thanks.

6. We made some beds sort of like this.
This weekend (Lord willing and the creek don't rise)
We'll fill them with 2nd-hand potting soil, and plant some long-overdue potatoes.
Fingers are crossed!

7.  Tomato Tortellini Soup.
It might just be yummy-looking enough to persuade me to cook tomorrow.
In all the post-visitor mess, I often just flounder and do laundry and eat bread.
But maybe, just maybe, I'll make some soup tomorrow.

8. I wish I could tell you that I would be wearing that dress.
But no, that's not what this pin is for.
I love that little handbag up there.
I might try and design it tomorrow.
I mean, you had to know there'd be a purse involved!

I might try my hand at these cuties.
I mean, I did crawl through a trailer on Wednesday for $3/bolt fake leather.
I really ought to use it, right?
That's what you'd do, I know it.
Tell me you wouldn't!? 
You can't.
Because that'd be a lie.

That's what's caught my eye of late.  I may do one or two or ten or none of these things.  But at least now, I've been inspired.  What have you been thinking about doing lately?  I'd love to hear what trips your trigger in your creative mind!

Spring Break or Bust,


  1. I have several vintage suitcases I've picked up at thrift stores and yard sales over the years. I use them to store my Travel souvineers and memorabilia. Currently they just sit around and take up floor space.
    I saw on Pinterest someone made a vintage-suitcase-chest-of-drawers. It was made of metal, but we're trying to figure out how to make one of wood. FF was thinking plywood and boards, but he's not very artsy and I think it'll look like plain bookshelves with suitcases stuck in it.
    I have been thinking about reconfiguring a wood chest of drawers to fit the suitcases instead of drawers.

    1. I'm so glad to know that suitcases-that-don't-smell-like-death exist! I'll keep up my search. That sounds like a cute idea, I think I've seen it too!

  2. It's here, middle left side

    If you can't find any that don't stink, and can find one cheap enough to try it with (I only ever paid $1 or $2 for mine) you could try putting some charcoal in a cloth or old sock and closing it up in it for a week or so. Charcoal is an odor absorbsant, not an odor cover.

    I read that newspaper is, too, you have to change it every couple of days.

  3. illerategranny3/23/2012

    I know somseone who is anxiously awaiting the bag she won. She saw mine and is very excited. Had lunch today with familiy and friends, our everyother lunch, and they all liked my purse. One of them asked for your blog address. luv ya


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