Monday, March 5, 2012

Talking to Inspiration

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Today was lovely.  And full of talking.  Today I talked with Handsome a few times.  He likes me, I can tell by the sound of his voice.  Today I talked with people who are paying me to be smart, and they thought I sounded decently intelligent. Today I talked with Creator God, and He loves me as well.  And He loves you.  I know, because we talked about it.

And then, in the spirit of Toby Keith, I stopped talking and got down to business.  See, I was feeling inspired today.  My house is mostly clean, which helps.  But it was spring-ish out, and there was a Double Punch deal going down at my local quilt shop so...  I grabbed some fabrics that inspired me, and got to work!

I <3 Batiks.
For those not in "the know", I just googled it.
It means "fabric manually dyed with a wax method" or something.
Translation: Beautiful.
Any one want to call dibs?

That material, second from bottom up there, turned into this little number.

This piece, well, this piece just called out to me in the store.
Does anyone out there not love gray?
Does anyone know the correct spelling? (grey?  gray?  greigh?)

And now it's this.
Also, putting snaps on things is not hard.
I learned that today.
So today is was: The sun, Pretty fabric, and Spring that inspired me.  What has inspired you today?

Busy little bee,

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  1. illiterategranny3/06/2012

    MiMi, I want one of your purses, one of the bigger ones. Preferably made out of something like the first purse ( the blue print). Do I have to order through Etsy or can I just tell you. Let me know the price and I will take care of it. HURRY I would like it before Easter if you have the time. Love ya


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