Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on an Evening Drive

I went to visit a friend tonight.  Do a little bit of help with moving.  I've moved this particular friend... 3 times.  I think.  At least 3, if the washer/dryer I moved tonight count.  It was a lovely night, and after the work was done ("work" being moving the washer & dryer, and baking brownies to help lower the overall stress level of the household.  worked like a charm!) we just sat and chatted.  For hours.  Which seemed like minutes.  You've got to love a friendship like that.

However, this friendship always seems to carry me into the wee hours of the morning.  This time, I really thought I would get home in time to not see the AM of the next day.  I almost made it, except for this whole "Spring Forward" nonsense.  

Anyhow, I had an hour drive home, and only know two people on the West Coast who I could call (you know, because they aren't sleeping because it's not as late there.  which means that I've seen time that they haven't yet seen.  which still boggles my mind.)  I chatted with one of my WestieBesties, which was awesome, but for the majority of the trip, I had only myself for company.

When I wasn't 100% distracted by the smell of this gum in my car (I could smell it but I couldn't find it.  basically, I was tortured.) I did a lot of thinking.  I don't know if it was thinking of any sort of quality, but most of it seemed downright inspired to me.  When I neared home, I even saw a shooting star, which pretty much sealed the evening for me as chosen by God.  Because that's always what shooting stars mean.

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In no particular order... my thoughts.

  • Cake Week.  It should be a thing, if it's not.  In fact, it's going to be a thing.  So declared!  On April 9-13.  I'm making 5 cakes in 5 days.  It's happening people.  Get your votes in.  I'm thinking ... well, perhaps I'll have a real voter-thingy, and tell you what I'm thinking then.
  • Perhaps I'll use Cake Week 2012 (new official name) to kick off a more serious attempt at food blogging.  Not sure if I want to food blog, but right now I feel like I do.  I've got a quesadilla recipe, and there's always soup.  I love soup.  And pasta.  And baked goods.  Is that enough of a reason?
  • Do I need one more thing on my plate right now?
  • I have a good marriage.  I'm just going to say it.  We're happy, and we love each other.  And it's nervous-making to say that, because then you're sort of opening yourself up to judgement.  But we do, and we work hard at it, and I'm glad.  And in love.  So there.
  • I forgot my dog was in the back of the car.  Good thing I didn't leave him in there overnight.  Even good-er thing that kids are still a ways off.
  • I want to plant potatoes tomorrow, but Handsome says that there is a proper order to clearing ground for a garden, and planting is still 3 steps down the list.  But I don't want to do steps 1 & 2.  This is a potential cause of conflict.  Or motivation, depending on my attitude.
  • I wish we weren't losing an hour of sleep tonight.  It's already light enough in the mornings, I'd rather keep it the way it is currently.
  • Building today was fun.  Those floor joists I built were pretty impressive (to me!).
  • I'm a little bit wary of the fact that people are now living in a house whose walls I nailed together, and whose roof I put on.  The roof makes me less nervous than the walls.  Walls seem like a life-or-death thing, while a roof is just a nicety.
  • I can't believe I watched that whole movie about a Wild West cowboy lost in Canada.  I can't believe it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  I can't believe I've put that much thought into such a bad movie.  Inconceivable.
Yep.  Just as I suspected.  Inspired.  Hope you are having a great, inspired, and thoughtful weekend.

Sealed with a star,

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  1. Hey, girl,
    Shoot me an email when you get a chance. Oh, and boiled peanuts? Never even heard of them before I moved here! Can't seem to force myself to like them though.


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