Thursday, March 1, 2012

What March Means

March means something very very special.  Something so special, that it can be hard to handle all of the specialness all at once.  Which is why it is a good that that it took me a while to realize that it was March today.  Not long, but a little bit.  And then, slowly, my meter that recognizes specialness began to creep up.  March: special reading - 2.0.  March 1st: special reading - 2.7.  March 1st, the first day of gardening season: special reading 907.83!

Can I get a woot woot?!

Woot Woot!

(FTR: I don't mind having to give a "woot woot" for myself.  In case you wondered.)

I'm super pumped about gardening season, although you can't tell that by my garden plot.  Which is my back yard.  Which is currently covered with trees...

I did find a lot of good reading this morning.  Turns out, Clemson started as an agricultural school.  Although you can no longer get a straight Ag. degree, they still do a lot with agriculture, and more to the point, have great resources for home gardeners that are region specific.  And not just region specific, but heck, in my case, nearly zip-code specific.  Basically, Clemson's Ag department is going to be my personal (gardening) trainer.

They've even provided me with a schedule and everything!

Tomorrow, after I've filled my head with all sorts of knowledge and information, armed with dates and plans and strategies, I'm hoping to get the garden in motion.  Looking at that calendar up there, I've got exactly 2 weeks to get my carrots in the ground, and I plan to make it happen!

The sheets referencing "Planning Your Garden" suggest making a short list of a few vegetables that you want to grow, and focusing on those.  Meh.  Short lists are for the weak.  I've got about 14 plants I'm planning to be an expert on.  And another 8 I wouldn't mind dabbling with.

I'm so excited to start gardening again, not because of the vegetables themselves (I hear home-grown carrots can be pretty awful), but because I'm excited to be back outside, and I'm excited to just see things grow.  Winter is over (not that we had much of one down in SC anyhow, but...) and the spring has sprung.  It's a time of new life, new discovery, and terrible tasting lettuce.

So tell me, do you garden?  What's your strategy?  From seed, or transplants?  Do you wish you did but don't?  Do you wish you didn't, but do?  Do you wish upon a star?  I think we're going to go with raised beds again this year, due to uneven terrain.  But then again, maybe I'll just dig up all the level ground around the house, and put my plants there.  I see so many possibilities!
(Don't worry about that last part.  Handsome is home for the next 2 1/2 days, and won't let me do anything wild and crazy like that.)
Finally, on a totally unrelated note, but just because it's been a while, have a listen to two of our conversations from yesterday.  Apparently my use of OTC & prescription medication has reached inappropriate proportions again.

M: My headache just won't go away.  Could you please get me an Excedrin?
H: Did you know that studies have shown that taking sleep medicine at night, such as NyQuil, is proven to have terrible effects, possibly even deadly, even in small doses?
M: What does that have to do with the headache I have that won't go away?
H: It can even cause cancer.
M: Or I could just go get it myself.
M: Darling dear, I'd like you to notice that, although I am taking a single dose of prescribed allergy medicine  and a multivitamin, I'm not taking any other sort of pills, such as ibuprofen, nasal decongestant, and most importantly, not NyQuil.  You know, for the cancer.
H: Your liver hates you.  Your spleen too.  The whole system.  All of your organs that have to deal with your drug problem, I'll bet they just hate you.
Getting my green thumb back,


  1. I love your husband. So much.

    Other reasons March is awesome (since I am not really a "sit in the dirt and let bugs crawl on you/try to dodge spiders while picking vegetables" kind of girl):
    The putting away of heavy woolen coats (hopefully... by the end at least).
    3/1 - National Hug a Librarian Day
    3/2 - Dr. Seuss' (and our dear friend Becca's) bday
    3/14 - Pi(e) day, and your sister's bday
    ... and a whole host of other bdays spread throughout. All of that to say, even though I am totally not a gardener, I agree that March is awesome. Just for totally different reasons.

  2. Okay, first of all a big whoot, whoot from NC. You crack me up.

    I don't garden, but I'm in love with idea of growing things. I enjoy being outside, playing in the dirt, and feeling the sun on me, spring...everything. Every year, I attempt to become a gardner, but camping trips, mini-vacations, and life's distractions leave me neglecting the things I grow. My goal for this year: be more attentive!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading over at my place.

    Good for you for stepping back from your service in the nursery. The thing gets me is no, I'm not the first to step-up but once I do, it's tough for me to back away. It's like, oh, I've committed, I'm seeing this through...even if it isn't working. Not a great quality.

    I admire that about you. You saw it was pulling you away, and you stopped.

    Anyway, have a great weekend, and keep us posted on the growing.

  3. Steve and I are going to attempt to plant tomatoes, squash, and a few other things in a couple of ginormous rain barrels. If you find any advice in your research, let me know.

    I'm not optimistic. My track record in trying to keep plants alive is pretty bad. Maybe if we do transplants (haha... trans plants...) they'll be a little hardier and not die.


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