Monday, March 26, 2012

What you Eat

If you are what you eat, then it appears that Sir Duke has eaten a big 'ole bowl of melancholy today.  He doesn't deal well with separation.  I drove the truck out to the end of the driveway today and sat in it for approx. 10 minutes (it was an impromtu mobile office to let me talk on my cell but still get my own internet service... my life, the never-ending adventure) and when I came back inside, he was all "Oh I'm so glad you're back Oh I missed you so much Here I am pet me Pet me here!"

At least, that's my interpretation.

Since our visitors left last week, he just hasn't been himself.

He keeps waiting for them to come back.

Really, I think he'd take any visitors at this point.

His depression is reaching new lows.

He really just doesn't handle change well.

Neither of them do.
Speaking of eating, I'm getting the poll ready for Cake suggestions.  Remember?  Because Cake Week 2012 is coming up?  You did mark your calendars, right people?  My goodness, I'm so pumped to be baking again, I can hardly stand it.  If you have a favorite cake, speak now or ... well, or speak on it tomorrow when I post the options.  It's really your call.

I'm off to sleep.  And to try not to dream of being trapped with the high school boy's soccer team in some distant jungle because our donkey-kong-esque coal car jumped the tracks and all we have to eat are orange and purple fruit loops for 15 years.  And then finally repairing the track with pirate's loot, trying to catch Handsome's eye, and dealing with a tigress that had survived those 15 years in a circus box car by eating the heads off of the other 6 tigers, only to get bopped on the head and fall down dead when she tried to attack a soccer player after I accidentally let her out.  (Seriously, what did I eat to dream that?? No idea.)

Yes, I'm a bit frightened to go to sleep.  But it's my mind, and I can't escape it, I'm just going to have to face it.  Plus, the more times I go to sleep, the closer to Easter and Cake Week 2012 I get.  It's worth it.  Every. Time.

Dream a little dream,


  1. Love your blog! Very cute photos of your doggie too. :) Looking forward to meeting you at (in)RL! Have a great week!

    1. Rachel,

      Thanks for dropping by! Can't wait for our get-together! Hope you're having a good week!

      <3 Mariah

  2. My suggestions: German chocolate, something soaked in citrus juice, a cake with the word "cheese" in front of it. I'll think of more. Your dog makes me want to cry. But not Dante.

    1. I know, doesn't he look so sad??

      <3 you.

  3. Cake Week sounds like a splendid idea! I'm right there with ya! In our house we gave up sweets AND pinterest. Let me tell you, it has been a rough few weeks!! To inspire you for Cake Week 2012 I was thinking about this site: It has so many yummy looking goodies-- maybe you've already enjoyed checking it out, but I couldn't not share the foodie goodness! :-)

    1. I just pinned (not to rub it in!) one of her recipes, but I didn't know it was hers! Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to post lots of pictures on here this week to make us both drool :)


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