Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cake Week Voting Day 4: The Cakes formerly known as Cupcakes

Hehe... you get it?  You know, like

The artist formerly known as Prince?  Except I think he's back to being Prince now.  Someone tell me, this question will stay with me all day!

Makes me chuckle sometimes, these early morning jokes I have with myself...

But now for serious stuff, today is day four of...  *doo-doo-dah-doooo!*

And yes, our Cake contestants are all formerly known as Cupcakes. But we've also got some great sponsors, formerly known as... well, as great sponsors!  Let's hear what our readers can win, Johnny!

First up, we've got an artist formerly known as my creative sister, CraftyMaiden13!  

Specializing in mixed media and home decor, Crafty Maiden has got it going on over at her shop!  The things she does with crayons, I swear, it's like magic.  Her current favorite medium is BUTTONS, and in honor of that love, she is gifting us with this absolutely adorable Tea Tray!

Our second sponsor is the generous Jen from The Coin Laundry!

Gen Jen, as I like to call her just made up now, specializes in hand-done silk screened baby clothes and housewares.  Her inks & solvents are earth friendly, so you can love all of these awesome products with a clear conscious!  She is offering up today, for one lucky reader, this great kitchen-themed Tea Towel!

Jen also wanted me to tell you "You're Welcome" for getting that song stuck in your head.  So, You're Welcome.

To be the lucky winner of these two prizes (yes, that's right, you win BOTH of them!), you've got to enter.  And here's how you enter today:

  • Leave a comment here telling me your favorite cake from today's contestants.  Your name would also be helpful. - One Vote
  • Like The Crafty Maiden and The Coin Laundry on Facebook through their shops.  Leave a comment telling me you did so - One Vote Each
  • Pin your favorite item from  The Coin Laundry and  The Crafty Maiden.  Leave a comment telling me you did so, and what it was - One Vote Each
  • Facebook/Tweet about this giveaway, using #CakeWeek2012 and linking back to this post - Leave a comment telling me you did so, and I'll give you Two Votes

Now, I know what you're thinking.  "That's a lot of votes!"  And you're right.  But I'm a giver like that.  Plus, with these delicious looking cakes formerly known as cupcakes awaiting you just below, you're going to need all the votes you can get.  Feel free to split votes between different contenders, if you just can't decide!

And now, for your voting pleasure, the Cakes-formerly-known-as-CupCakes

Entry 1: Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake from The Sweet Bliss Bakery

Entry 2:  Toffee Crunch Cupcake from Baker's Royale

Entry 3:  Pina Colada Cupcakes with Rum Buttercream from The Sweet Bliss Bakery

Entry 4:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes from Annie's Eats

Entry 5:  Mocha Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream from The Sweet Bliss Bakery

Entry 6:  Lemon Berry Cupcakes from Natalie Patisserie

Entry 7: Margarita Cupcakes from The Sweet Bliss Bakery

Don't be afraid of all the goodness.  Just pick one.  Or two.  Or seven.  You can even check out the recipes if you want, to see if a certain cupcake is really as special as you think it is.  When Cake Week starts up next Monday, and it comes time to make these babies, I will be making the cupcake, in cake form.  And I cannot wait!

The purveyor of pictures of food formerly known as,


  1. (Don't know if I'm aloud to keep voting, but it's fun!)

    TOFFEE CRUNCH. All 'zee way.

  2. Anonymous4/04/2012

    Gotta go with the Toffee Crunch as well!!!!
    ~Kate Ritchey

  3. For me it's a toss-up between the mocha cupcakes with espresso buttercream and the chocolate chip cookie dough ones, but after much deliberation, I think the mocha (cup)cake absolutely MUST be the winner.

    By the way, you really must invite Kara and me over sometime during cake week. Or some time each day. Your call. ;)

  4. Lemon Berry. Fo Shizz. It's so springy and light!

  5. Chocolate chip cookie dough! Because a vat of that right now sounds AMAZING!

  6. lemon berry is my vote. ps- have you seen the hunger games cupcakes? google it!

  7. Lemon berry is also my vote. Just feeling fruity today.

  8. I'm voting for the Lemon Berry Cupcakes and I also pinned the melted crayon cosmic explosion from crafty maiden!



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