Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Dress: WIW/WFM Wednesday

my super-cool picture
Dress: I got it at Ross.
I love it.
Sunglasses: Handsome found at the bottom of the lake.
Yay for scuba divers!

I love dresses.  As a child, I wasn't a big fan.  Tomboy didn't really even begin to describe how much not-a-girly-girl I was.  And I'm still not super girly.  I don't do drama or reality TV, I can't be bothered to do anything with my hair other than a pony tail, I forget to brush my teeth wear makeup, and I've been seen in public in some atrocious outfits.  However, I do love a good dress.  And because of that, TJMaxx and Ross love me.  Seriously, they have some super cute dresses, $35 and less.  No lie.

The thing I love about a dress is that you don't have to match.  I'm a bad matcher (see above: not very good with fashion).  I won't buy a dress that requires a belt with it, because that takes extra thought.  And I don't like to get something that I have to wear a cardigan over or anything like that; again, bad with matching.  But, if I get a nice stand-alone dress, and I can wear black shoes with it (Currently my only color of heels.  Again, not a good girly-girl), then I can fake being all fashionista-ish.  Of course those who know me don't believe it, and often ask who dressed me, but I still take that as a win.

I've got a conference coming up in a few weeks, and the worst part for me is the first morning.  You've (usually) gotten in late, and now you have to be up at 8 AM, regardless of the number of time zones you've crossed, and you've got to be all glad-handing and whatnot.  More to the point, you've got to do it while looking good.  So I have a secret weapon: My bouncy dress.  Its professional looking, modest enough, and (here's the big seller) polyester knit.  Which means it doesn't need ironed.  In fact, I'm pretty sure an iron would melt it, not that I've ever done anything like that...  I think every traveling gal should have a business-y dress that doesn't need ironed.  It makes the 3 hour time difference and 6 AM wake-up call after a red-eye flight that much easier to bear.
ASIDE: I'm also very bad at telling the difference between business casual, casual, business, and formal attire.  So I'm not saying its a sure thing, but I'm thinking that you could have a dress like that, and throw it on at a moments notice if your Mister suggests a spur-of-the-moment date.  Trust me, the less time he's waiting to eat, the more likely he'll be to suggest it again!
So that's my tip, and its also probably as close as I'll ever come to offering fashion advice.  It works so well for me, though, that I just had to share.  I'm assuming quite a few of you already knew about this, as I'm late to most fashion games, but in case there's someone else out there who didn't know, do yourself a favor next time: pack a does-not-need-to-be-ironed outfit for the first morning.  You'll thank me, crusty eyes and all.

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  1. That dress is awesome and looks great on you! And is that bouncy dress from Ross or where? The light purple dress in my blog post that I wore on Easter is super comfy like that and I'm pretty sure it doesn't wrinkle at it!

  2. That dress is HOTT. With two T's. Or HAWT. With an AW because it's also "awww," so cute. Can something be cute and hot? I don't know/ care. Anyway, it looks good.
    That is all.
    Oh, and Ross is the

    1. Well thanks!! And hot & cute are totally what I was going for, at the same time, so heck yes they can be simultaneously. So glad we can share a love for ross! I seriously have to limit the number of trips I make there, I just love me some dresses on the cheap!

  3. throw a blazer over it girl! small heels, nice buttoned blazer, hot neon trend, and you're set! love the color and GREAT find.

    1. Sounds lovely. Will you come dress me? p.s. - I don't own a blazer. Whoops! haha

  4. Great tip! I *never* iron my clothes - even if they need it. And I don't own a blazer either. :)

  5. absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Looking good crusty eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gorgeous color & raybans are aamzing!

  8. Love this dress and the attitude! :) you are rocking!


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