Monday, April 30, 2012

Life On Vacation

Some people say that being on vacation all the time gets old.  Personally, I would like the chance to experience such a phenomenon, so that I could then disagree with them.  Vacation treats this girl goood!  With Handsome's schedule being what it is, and Paramedic school looming on the horizon, we're trying to make each of his days off like a mini vacation.

These mirrors are called Donkey Ears.
The driver's side mirror is all smashed, thanks to this little fiasco.
Still not fixed.
Yesterday, the hubs and I went out to try my skills on the greens.  I am no golfer.  Hubs, he's a pro, as far as I can tell; played in highschool, BFF's parents owned a course, basically his summers revolved around the back 9.  Or something like that.  Basically I'm just stringing together what I believe to be golf terms, but you already knew that.

That thing I'm doing there with my back leg?
Apparently you're not supposed to do that.
There's your golf tip for the day.
I'm not a great golfer, as I've said.  And as you can see from the picture.  I'm not in love with golfing.  But (a) Handsome only gets so many days off, and so I try and do whatever he wants on those days, and (b) Hubs likes when I come and play his sports with him, even when I'm no good.  As long as I don't lose my temper or just out & out quit (which happens more than I like to admit), it makes hubs happy when I try.  And when hubs is happy, his girl is happy.

I'm smiling because its over.
Speaking of over, I finished +28.
On a 9-hole.
That's bad, in case you didn't know.
I think him and I, we could do well if we lived a life of vacation.  I don't think we'd tire of it, as long as we didn't have to golf the whole time.  Have a good May, y'all.  I hope you find some time for a mini vacation or two!

Knocking "Golf-Pro" off of my list,


  1. You crack me up. My hubs and I had a one-time golf date. I kept hitting grass. I got frustrated. I did not do it again :)


  2. what a good sport! my husband wrapped a club around a tree in frustration his first/last time golfing. so i don't even have to try!

  3. that's pretty funny - I saw the picture and thought, oh, she looks like she knows what she's doing! until I read the caption, hahaHA. I guess you fooled me =)


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