Sunday, April 15, 2012


There's just something wonderful about the starting place.  Before the first step has been made, before the first word written or ingredient added, before any progress has been charted - there's that sweet spot where anything is possible.  Sunday nights are my sweet spot.  I like what I do, so I don't fear Monday morning, although it's not always welcome, either.  Sunday nights, I like to make a plan for the week.  What I have coming up, what I have to accomplish, what I'd like to do.

It's no wonder, when I was situated in the green-upon-green sanctuary that my backyard is currently turning into, that I got a little bit more introspective than normal.  A regular ole' week's plan wasn't enough for me.  I thought I'd take it just a wee step further into "What I want out of life".  You know, because I'm all about things done in moderation #sarcasm
TCofTFW: I've recently started liking twitter a bunch more (find me here!) and I feel like I want to abuse the heck out of hashtags all the time.  So #prepareyourself because you'll probably be seeing a #crapton more of #these.
So, since I've got this over-worked left-side-of-my-brain, I had to make a list.  And it had to be actionable, as in, leading to action.  Another list-that-sits-in-my-purse-until-it-falls-out-in-my-car-and gets-smushed-into-the-side-pockets-on-my-door-destined-for-a-gas-station-trash-can is not going to help me any.  But something that propels me to act, that gives me clear direction, that could work.

A few points off of my list have obvious actions that go along with them.  For example, I want a cleaner house.  Ergo, I need to clean more regularly and/or make less of a mess.  I've been doing better this past week, but I think it's time to step up my game and perhaps make myself a chore chart.  Yes, its juvenile, but if it works, I'm not concerned.  I may even give myself stickers when I do a good job.  Don't judge, you want stickers too.

Others are a little harder to find steps that will bring about the change I desire.  I'd like to have more fun when Handsome and I are together.  I'm a bit worried that we're boring when we're together, and I'd like to be less boring.  I realize (per the Hub's pointing it out) that "boring" is relative.  His example - We're not like that guy who jumps out of the plane into canyons, but we don't stare at the wall and drool on ourselves either.  This goal may need a bit more defining, but I'm still counting it.  Some other goals:

Be more fit :: Work out more regularly, maybe buy dumbells
Be better dressed :: Don't just throw on clothes, and do more than just brush my hair
Be more focused when working :: Less blogging & fb/twitter when working
Keep making/selling purses :: uh, just keep making purses
Eat healthier, but still have room for queso :: Plan & execute simple healthy dinners
Leave room in my day for God to move :: Don't schedule to the max, be flexible
Invest more in others :: Plan some lunch dates, send some cards to friends
Be less boring :: Seize more opportunities

I know that the list right there should be daunting; it's got a lot of big-ticket things on it.  But right now, with this entire week spread out in front of me, it all feels possible.  I know it may be a while before I start seeing progress, but I believe it can be done.  Maybe this is why people are so optimistic with their NYR.

And now, I've got to get my patootie off of here, and go fold laundry and make dinner/lunch for tomorrow.  Because although it's not what I want to do right at this moment, it does get me closer to the things I actually want in life right now.  Office chair butt is not on that list, and that's all I'll get if I stay here much longer.  So by doing those boring chores, I'm actually doing something awesome.

Speaking of awesome, we ran in a Mud Run today.  It was Fan-flippin-tastic.  Definitely gets me out of the red zone on the boring meter, and gives me a few points in the active sector. #bonus

Fist Pump!

So what have you got going on this week?  Have you thought it though?  Do you have any direction?  I'm just sayin', now might be a good time to think on it!

Positively Pensive,

p.s. - Cake Week is over, for which my insulin-maker is happy (I don't recall which organ that is).  Offering you some insight into how my mind works, here's how I decided on the winner:

Abby won!  You'll be getting your sa-wheet towels shortly!  Thank you to all who participated and made Cake Week a thing!


  1. Good goals. I've also been in the goal-making mood, since my goal of getting fit is off to a good start--I've been jogging every day or every other day for about 3 weeks now, which I think officially makes it a habit or something.

    So now I'm picking 2 more things to work on--just 2, and once I've got those down, I'll add 1 or 2 more. My 2 now are to stay on top of laundry. My plan is to do at least one load a day, from start to finish, until I'm caught up, and if that never happens, I'll just keep doing one load a day. My second goal is to stay on top of dishes, and my plan for that is to do dishes every night after dinner.

    1. Laundry is definitely something I need to keep on top of! Your method of mastering one or two seems like it should have a lot better long-term success than mine of piling everything on. Experiment GO!

  2. I've totally been about scheduling and making to-do and goal lists lately. I've been feeling so overwhelmed so it helps to get things in order. Also, I'm with you on the feeling boring thing. I just want the time my boy and I spend together to be fun for us, but sometimes I feel so boring! Something I'm trying to work on too!
    Just keep workin' on it, and go for your goals, girl!

    1. Here's a deal: You let me know if you come up with something fun to do with your boy, and I'll let you know what I figure out with mine! I think we're going to have to grab some Fro-Yo, that just sounds too delish to pass up!

  3. You are making me smile! I do love setting my goals up on Sunday evening and then charging ahead on Monday hoping they all get conquered sometime the next week. Love twitter. Love hashtags. Abuse away!

    1. Isn't it so nice to have your path highlighted for your week?! And I'm taking your #hashtag encouragement very seriously. And pretending its unanimous. #herewego


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