Friday, April 20, 2012

More to the Point

NOTICE: You're about to enter the danger zone.  I'm unloading here, both barrels.  Consider yourself warned.  In case you're not interested in hearing the heavy today, let me just give you this photo, and you can go on your merry way.

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I'm frustrated.  I feel like I've got so much more in me than I'm currently giving, more than I'm being asked to give.  More than I'm sometimes comfortable giving.  I'm blessed.  Like, beyond crazy, blessed.  Comfortable house, wonderful husband, entertaining dog.  I have all the food I want, a climate-controlled environment if I desire it, and free time to do things like make noodles from scratch.  I could decorate with plates, if I wanted to.  I have SO. MUCH.

So, you say, what's my problem?

That's my problem.  I don't know what the words for it are, but my problem is that I have while others have not.  I'm not comfortable with that.  I hate that people are hungry.  I hate that children are under-loved, and without.  I hate that there is so much hurting, so much need, and yet its possible for me to go about my day without seeing it, without thinking about it, and without it touching my life.  Mostly, I hate that sometimes, I don't care.

I don't know what to do about it.  I'm here, in South Carolina.  I'm not in Uganda, I'm not in Papua New Guinea, or any place else, but even if I was, I know it would be possible for me to still ignore the needs of others.  So I thought I'd just try and meet needs here.  Make this my "mission field" for lack of a less-baptist-y term.  So I volunteer.  I build houses on weekends with Habitat, pack boxes once a month with a local food pantry.  Buy groceries for the dad on the side of the road with the Will Work For Food sign.  

And I still feel untouched.  

I don't know what else to do.  Sponsor a child with Compassion?  Take birthday cakes to the local homeless shelter?  Would it change anything, or would it just be one more box for me to check?  I'm more than a bit impulsive, and need to make sure (as my long-suffering husband is always telling me) that I'm not just throwing myself at so many needs that I have nothing left for my family, my home, my responsibilities.  Its a tricky balance, one that I have yet to find.

All I know, is that there are needs, and I have more to give.  There is more in me, because Christ is in me.  I just need to know where to ... do.  So I'll keep my eyes open, and look for ways to love others with my hands and heart and resources.  And I'll keep investing in my community, because I live here and they live here, and we're all here together.  Most of all, I'll keep praying for a new heart, for the uncomfortableness that I feel about the discrepancy in my circumstances & the WWFF dad's circumstances to stick around and keep pushing me to move.  Because doing is better than not, even if its not the right thing to do.

What do you "do"?  I'd love to hear how you're making a difference, even if its tiny or huge!

She ain't heavy,


  1. I am a "professional" have a teaching certificate, but don't work in a school. My focus is on IDing "why" my students aren't succeeding. I look at the whole child -hobbies, likes, dislikes, family life, friendships, etc. I thing take a multi faceted approach to my students - whether it's coaching them in social skills, teaching them reading/math/science, or explaining to their parents their rights in the school system and helping them navigate the tricky waters of IEP and accommodations, validating parents concerns, finding them find specialists for disabilities, interfacing between the parents, students, and teachers. NOTHING - (except mentoring I did as a HS student) as ever been as fulfilling.

    Maybe you should approach a big brothers/big sisters about tutoring?

    1. That sounds awesome! I was just considering that yesterday when we passed a billboard that said something about literacy and things. I used to tutor some, but never as a big brother/big sister. That might just give me the "connection" and way to impact people I've been looking for. Thanks for the tip!

  2. #1 do not discount the awesome things you ARE doing! You care and you are reaching out in ways that do make a difference. #2 sometimes those are the stepping stones that guide to a person or place where you are called to go next. I need to take my own advice, because I TOTALLY understand what you are saying...but I also think we need to trust God's timing once we've made sure we are open to where we may want us to go :)

    1. where HE may want us to go ;) oops.

  3. Here's a thought; respite foster care. You know, help out foster families if they need a break for a few days. Sounds like you'd like to dig a little deeper, relationally. I think the birthday cakes could lead to that as well. Just make sure that the relationship that fuels it all is most satisfying to you, no matter what you 'do', before you make any big decisions. Love you.

  4. I'm a big one on helping your neighbor. Many food banks are looking for help just one day a week. They always need people to head up fundraisers. Your local senior center would love for you to come in and give a talk, volunteer to serve food or organize their storage. All schools are under funded and can use help in the library, listening to kids read or tutor. There are so many ways that you can jump in and help. It makes me really sad that so many think they need to help those that are far away when our own backyard's are hurting.


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