Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stay Back

Things have not improved much on my side of the globe.  And by "my side of the globe" I mean my house, specifically me.  Hows that little ego-centric statement for ya? Huh?

As a result, Cake week is still in limbo.  My apologies.

If I had attempted to finish it out in real time, we may or may not have needed this guy:

Mr. Yuk, brought to you by Pittsburgh Hospitals

I never knew, until I moved, that Mr. Yuk wasn't a national thing.  I also didn't know that grilled chicken salads didn't automatically come with french fries.  I'll tell you, as a child, the world revolved around me, and nothing else existed.  And the salads were the bomb-diggity.

Anyhow, my world is much larger, and although I feel like phoo, I'm still hosting a giveaway to make up for my lack of content.  

You know you think it's cute.
You know you like winning.
Finally, to dear dear Sharon, I'm sorry for posting such horrible opening pictures on posts that lead to your darling shop.  Please don't take it personally!

Not Thinking Clearly,


  1. Ahhh, Mr. Yuck. A childhood memory that is strangely comforting...

  2. Mr. Yuck wasn't national? I grew up with him here in Washington. I used to plaster my Dad's lunch box with the stickers lmbo

    1. I don't know about Washington, but they hadn't heard of him in SC. We used to put the stickers on everything, too! Which may mean that they weren't really effective, but it was a great time!


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