Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Things

Don't worry, it's still Cake Week 2012.  I still made lemon curd last night, and lemon meringue frosting this morning.  I still substituted like a madwoman in order to bring about the Petite Lemon Layer Cake without having to make a trip to the store.

Mine does not look like this.
But it tastes like this.
And that's even better.
Original recipe here

I also left my camera at home, and don't have the pictures to show you yet.  So that post will come later.  Right now, I'm starting to feel the need to think.  To tell you other things, more than just about sugar & butter & cream.  Those things are all good, in moderation excess.  But there's more to life, and more to me.  

Instead of telling you about cakes and whisks and what-to-do-when-you've-used-all-93-glass-bowls problems, I wanted to tell you about my garden.  I love my garden.  I'm so excited about what's already come up, and what is yet to go in!  But, again, the whole camera thing... I could rip some pictures of my favorite plants off the interwebs, but then I'd never show you my actual pictures.  And that would be a travesty.

Since I'm stuck at the office busy working, I'll just throw some awesome links at you today, give you a taste of what life will be like when I truly come out of this sugar coma I keep throwing myself in.
TCofTFW: Seriously, I wasn't even hungry last night, and I still couldn't stop eating chocolate bars.  So I thought, I'll have some strawberries.  And then the alien who lives in my brain and wants to give me Type II said "And I'll dip those strawberries in melted chocolate."  I'm ash-med to say, I obeyed like a little drone.  And I kind of liked it.


I've re-written something pithy there about 4 times.  The cake at the edge of my desk keeps distracting me.  So please pretend that I said something so witty, you almost want to tell people about it later, except that it's weird to talk about internet life with people in real life (anybody feel me on this?).  *cue laughter*

And now, my list.  Things I like, things I've found, things I'm planing to eat.  An eclectic list. 

1.  My eatings for the remainder of the week are as follows: Garlic Chicken, Beef Stir-fry, Gnocchi Minstrone, and Baked Ziti.

Garlic Brown Sugar chicken.
You are mine tonight.
Along with that rice/pasta/boxed-thing that Handsome likes.
What's that called?
Thank you, google auto-complete

2.  The Baked Ziti is on there, because Handsome recently told me that the way to his heart is through Italian food.  He also recently told me, meaning it as a compliment, that my thighs are getting massive.  There's a filtering that goes on when he says things to me.

3.  The Baked Ziti is also on there so I could tell you about one of my new favorite foodie blogs, Spoon Fork Bacon.  Their pictures are so yummy, their recipes so fun.  They don't know me, but I'm going to keep commenting rabidly until they ask me to be their friend.  It's worked before.

4.  I've just found this girl's blog through this girl's blog.  They're both pretty awesome.

5.  My Cuppow just came in the mail yesterday.  It turns a mason jar into a to-go drink.  I realized too late that I have no mason jar lids with which to pair it, however.  Sadness is upon me.

6.  I've decided that I do not wish to sew purses for a living.  Hobby, yes.  Part-time, yes.  Full-time, buy a shop, more than esty, calling?  No.  Also on the list of things I do not wish to be when I grow up:  Surgeon, Pearl Diver, Sugar Factory Worker, and Dairy Farmer.  Everything else is still fair game.

7.  I've made some new friends that have babies.  I love babies.  

8.  We had brunch on Easter, and although our gathering of 5 swelled to a party of 10 due to a late-night fire call & impulse invitation by someone who shall-remain-nameless-but-lives-with-me, these cinnamon rolls held up just fine.  I may or may not have hid two, just to have them the next morning.

9.  There is a general feeling within me that it's time to make things around the house again.  Pinterest is both a help, as it gives me great ideas, and a hinderance, since I allow it to suck my time away looking for an even better idea.

And that's it.  I know there's some of you who'd like a nice even ten, but I'm not doing it.  I've got to get to work, for realz.  I will tell you, however, that this shop here, b.haven, is completely awesome and I'm in love with about 18 of her products.  I'll tell you that.  I'll tell you that I'm giving something from here away tomorrow.  But I'm not giving this information a number on the list.  I'm just telling you something in closing.  In passing, really.  Just a mention.

Available here

Available here

Available here

Ever the tease,

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  1. oh i love lemon cake and this looks amazing!


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