Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two For One: Lemon Cake & American Cheese

(psst... I've posed a secret challenge to myself.  You're the witness.  Here goes!)

So, remember a while ago when I read about the Better World Shopping Guide?  Maybe you don't.  Brief recap, it's a book that lists the best and worst companies in terms of environmental sustainability, human rights, community involvement, animal protection, and social justice.  The good guys and the bad guys of the retail world.

Well, the big boys with the blue box were not listed favorably.  In fact, they come out as quite the villain.  This is a problem for me, as I lovelovelove cheese & cheese product.  Like, love it.

So, being unwilling in my own heart to support something I felt to be unjust, I started shopping around, trying to come up with some alternatives so that I could consume my cheese-product-laden treats with a clear conscience.  Helps with digestion and all that.

Let me tell you what I learned: all cheese products are not created equal.  I thought "Oh, I'll just buy the generic brand.  It's cheaper, and it makes me feel like a social-justice rock star!  A rock star who loves a good grilled cheese."  Really, I thought all that.  And let me tell you, I was WRONG.  The generic, it had no taste.  It was almost a vacuum for taste, sucked all the taste right out of whatever you paired it with.  Even real rockstars, who wake up with hangovers, they wouldn't eat this cheese on their worst morning-after.

Enter: Borden.  Borden is the shwiz-izzle, yo.  An all-American-owned co-op of dairy farmers, Borden rocks the heartland with their family-owned farms.  They love their cows, they love America.  Most importantly, their cheese products have flavor.  Good, creamy, American flavor.  I had a slice on my Super-Pretzel-as-an-appetizer tonight.  Bliss.

So now, I can have my social justice and eat it too.  That makes me happy.  In case you've got a heart that beats for the world at large, and an appetite for cheese-that-isn't-really-cheese, rest easy - your problems are solved. Borden's got you covered.

Note: Borden has no idea who I am.  Elsie does not know me from Adam (although there are obvious differences and I feel like she could guess).  I just wanted to share my knowledge about cheese products with you.  Because as I've said before, I'm a giver.

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