Saturday, May 19, 2012

Age of The Jetsons

I know it's not reasonable.  And I know it's evidence of my "country mouse goes to the city" complex.  And I don't care.  I just can't help but be enamored of some of this new-fangled technology.  It makes me feel like I'm living in the age of the Jetsons.  Sometimes I yell out "Rosie, please bring me my best dress" just to see if we've reached that point.  It hasn't happened yet, but it's not going to stop me from trying!

First thing that made me feel like a Jetson:  The new Coke machines.  I know people say Firehouse got them first, but I saw them at Moe's.  And I was totally blown away.  

Over 100 different flavors of pop, tea, and energy drinks?  Yes please!  I mean, I only ever get Root Beer out of it, and never flavored, but still.  I like knowing that I can get something more exotic, if only I'd stop loving Root Beer so much.  (never going to happen).

Then, the other night, Handsome and I were feeling particularly uninspired for dinner, and we decided to go drive through a Little Caesar's. I'll tell you what, I nearly called the check-out guy George.  Or perhaps Elroy.  Either way, it felt next-to-magical to me.  I mean, we pulled up, he said "What would you like?" we said "Hot and ready pepperoni pizza, please" and he said "That'll be $5.30" and we gave it to him and he gave us a piping hot pizza, just how we had ordered it.  I  know that pepperoni isn't very impressive, and that it is probably just evidence that the pizza had been sitting around for a long time, but still.  Magic, I tell you.

And then Handsome took this county mouse to the big city to go to a movie.  We rarely go out to the movies, despite the fact that there is a theater the next town over that lets firefighters get in free (I think it almost burned down once, and they made a promise to show their appreciation).  I mean, the two of us watched The Avengers (AWESOME!) for $8.00.  When we walked in, I was greeted by this apparition:

I could mix and match,and get exactly what kind of candy I wanted.  I mean, as long as it was one of those eight types, but still.  When I saw it, all I wanted was some Shockers , Chewy Spree , and Runts .  It was amazing!

Unfortunately, the magic door (whose picture above is very clearly upside-down, sorry about that!) would not open for me, and we had to order our candy the old-fashioned way.  But still, I felt as though the future was within my grasp.  If I had used all 3 of these conveniences in the same week, I might have also tried to ride a hover craft to work and get a machine to dress me.  My goodness!  Can you imagine what would happen to me if I got a Roomba ?!?  

Call me Judy,


  1. This post made me smile.
    Being in awe of new things is a great character quality--enjoying the little things if you will.

    Of course, though, I was a bit intimidated by the coke machine when I first saw it--I actually hung back and let, like a 10 year old, do it first so I didn't make a fool of my self with some newfangled gadget!!! ha!~


    1. I'm so entranced by it! Glad you had a 10-year old to show you the way. I'm pretty sure I did something similar with a friend of mine. Better to laugh at them than make a fool of myself :)

  2. The only one of these I have encountered is at Moe's. I was incredibly intimidated by it and required a tutorial from my husband. I lived to tell about it, so it's all good!! :)

    1. I have a feeling that its wasted on me, but I love that it exists all the same! ha ha!


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