Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gardening Goods

The cucumbers are quite a prolific bunch.
There's these little babies popping up all over the place.
Apparently they find their side of the garden to be quite romantic.

This corn was a little warped.
Not sure what happened to it, but it just wasn't right from the beginning.
The rest of them mourned his loss for a few days, but they've recovered.
Moral of the story: don't expect these guys to have your back.

The tomatoes are doing quite well.
It still makes me laugh that I have 8 of these plants, since neither H. nor I eat tomatoes.
The future of these kiddos?
Lets just say I call them Prego and Ragu

This little guy was singing as I took this picture.
He said he's feeling "Hot, hot hot!"

The potatoes are at the end of their days.
This flower is akin to a funeral bouquet.
Now if only the tops would die off and let the potatoes in the earth grow.

Welcome to Carrot Forrest.
Another tourist destination, right after Potato Mountain.
Remember to pack out what you pack in.
Don't (yet) eat the residents.
The Zucchinis are being much more amiable this year.
There's little squashes all over.
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they make it safely to adulthood.
They do live a very dangerous lifestyle, so its not a given.

This is the barren wasteland of my garden.
There are supposed to be beans growing here.
Thrice, actually, there were supposed to have been beans growing here.
They don't seem to be taking.
Duke enjoys the anonymity that the garden allows.
And that's the situation,


  1. wish i had it in me to garden :( mmm cucumbers

  2. It amazes me how different areas of the country have such different growing seasons... we are just now able to plant, and you already have tomatoes on! Congratulations on a successful start.

  3. I had no idea how cucumbers grew. Call me stupid, it's fine. :)


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