Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Great Yogurt Test

Handsome is prejudiced against the Greeks.  Well, at least the greeks who make yogurt.  He's just not a fan.  I thought that it was all in his head.  In addition, I was tired of paying loads of cash for his current favorite yogurt choice.  So yesterday, in the heat of the moment at the grocery store (where I lose all ability to reason and navigate, if we're being honest), I just started grabbing strawberry yogurts.

The idea was, I would give a blind taste test to Handsome.  See if he really liked his favorite yogurt best.  See if he really hated Greek yogurt.  See if he would let me make him eat blindfolded.  Really, it was a whole bunch of fun tests all rolled into one.

 Who knew there was so many different colors and textures of pink strawberry yogurt?

Really, he's such a good sport.  He even told me to write down his reactions.  Number 1: Decent, a little tart.  Number 2: Disgusting, thick, must be Greek.  Number 3: A little sweet, real fruit, not bad...  and so on.  In short, he does like his favorite, because it tastes "natural" but he likes the cheap not-low-fat yoplait, too.  Since that's about 140% cheaper, we might start buying that.  But we're going to put granola in it, so it feels more fancy.  So now you know.

After the tasting, I mixed all of the yogurts together, threw it all in a ziploc bag, and piped them onto a baking sheet and froze them.  You know, like pinterest told me to do for smoothies.  It was really a bucket full of fun.  You should try a taste test sometime!  I think I may make Handsome do this more regularly.  Next up: Chocolates.

Love and Yogurt,


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  2. A friend an I once did a Ben and Jerry's taste test. Meaning, we seriously did buy five different mini pints of BJs just to try new flavors.

    ... it was excessive.

    I think I gained 14 pounds in one night.

    But it was a blast.

    1. Sounds awesome! I'm trying it!

  3. This is too funny! I love this idea a lot though. A chocolate tasting would be so awesome!


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