Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Impulsive Love & S'mores

Hey friends of the blogosphere!

I have a real post for you, a post full of insight and humor, frugal ideas and lovely craftiness.  Or at least, as soon as I think of it, I'm sure it will have all that.  But I can't think of it, because Handsome just got home from a 9-mile bike ride (because he's a beast!) and said some magical words to me:

"Do you want to set the tent up in the backyard?"

Was he kidding?  No!  Does he have to get up for work tomorrow?  Yes!  But still, because I had asked a few weeks ago, and because the weather is right, and because I'm married to a man who love love loves me, he asked me if I wanted to camp out in the backyard.

Someday, I'll make these and think back fondly on tonight's adventure!

I've wanted to camp for about... all of our married life (nigh on 4 years now).  He got a tent for Christmas of 2007, and we've never used it.  Here's hoping the moths haven't gotten to it.  Handsome's schedule doesn't allow for a whole heck of a lot of weekend adventures, mostly due to him having no real weekends to speak of.  And with paramedic school looming (the black cloud in all of our sunny days), our fun time together is going to get shorter and shorter.

And so, although I love my bed and was a little taken back by his offer (it's not at all practical, you see?) I jumped at the chance.  Life is an adventure, and it is our opportunity each day to seize what we can.  So tonight, I'll be siezing some s'mores by the campfire, snuggling up in a tent, and (hopefully) drifting off to the sounds of the night.  

Are you turning any ordinary moments into adventures?  I highly recommend it!

Best girl to the best guy,


  1. Oh, my husband would L.O.V.E to do that but see, he married a city girl for whom the sound of crickets outside, the rustle of leaves around her, and the overall quietness of a country nights spell: T.E.R.R.O.R. I am far more at ease among a crowd in a busy city that out in the country with nobody to hear you scream. I won't tell him what you are doing. He would never leave me alone!

  2. How fun! I've been craving to get out and do summery stuff like camping! Hope you guys have an amazing time :)

  3. It's great to say yes to adventure! Usually its somewhat inconvenient and maybe that's why we miss out! Way to be an-up-for-anything-wife!

  4. Oh I love, love, love how your hubby is listening to you. We had a camping trailer early on because I'm not a camping girl but I wanted to go hunting to take care of them and cook for them. Flash forward to many years of kids needs, you go hunt, etc etc and he bought us the biggest, killerest camping trailer last year. MOMMA IS IN HEAVEN!

    So in heaven that I clean daily in there, I cook without complaint. I'm just so happy. It's camping but without the backpain, bugs and worrying about what is going to sneak up on you while you try to go potty! I adore my trailer and the experiences we've already had with the kids.

    We had a big ice storm and hubby worked part of it of course. The kids & I were snug as bug in our backyard camping in the trailer lolol

  5. We just got our camp on a few weeks ago. Loving it and love that you are up for adventure.

    ps And I do not see one thing about purses on this blog. For real. Where are the purses? The only reason I know that you create such things because I read your little Tico and Tina write-up. More details or at least a link please! Oh, oh, after camping of course.


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