Monday, May 21, 2012

Letters to Orlando: Part II

Dear Handsome,

Thanks for calling me while you're grocery shopping and asking me where to find the yogurt.
Even though I'm 9 hours away.
I like that you fall apart in the small ways when I'm not there.
I also like that I know you ate the entire jar of peanut butter.
Although you did surprise me by using crackers instead of just a spoon.
Life's always an adventure with you.
Dear Room Service Lady, 

Thanks for making me feel rich.
I'm sorry I opened the door before remembering to brush my teeth.
Due to me not being actually rich, I'll be eating the other half of the bagel for tomorrow's breakfast, so I won't be inviting you back.
Maybe we'll meet again some other day, under better circumstances.
i.e.- maybe my breath won't smell like death.

Dear Skywriter,

Your work was impeccable when you wrote "GOD" in the sky.
I wonder if, from above, it looked like "DOG"?

Dear Long Hallways, 

There are 153 steps from the elevators to my room.
We spend a lot of quality time together.

You make me want to do cartwheels every. single. time.
Do I make you want to do cartwheels?

Dear Lady Marmalade, 

I was nervous this morning, but your jar said "sweet"
Your jar did not lie.

I'm in love.
Let's be together for EVA.

Living it up, Hotel Style,

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  1. You are too funny. I like the way you look at life that I would not have thought about.

    1. Thanks, Gaby! I'm just so happy to have a place to put down all the weird things I think in my head :)

  2. These are cute. I loved the letter to the roomservice lady.

    1. Seriously, I didn't know she was coming in the room! I felt so bad for not brushing my teeth.. ha ha!

  3. I must tell you, just incase you don't know, you are so funny and creative and you've got a voice that I think must be heard by the masses. I think you need to quit all of your smarty pants engineering duties and just write about hallways and marmalade. You may think there is sarcasm in this comment, but I am serious.

    In addition, since I'm planning out your life and all, I think you need to move the purses up, and the title about your handmade goods needs to be something like, I'm witty and I make pretty things. For real, that's what I'm here for, to help you with marketing and life goals.

    1. I require a lot of direction, so I appreciate this. I'll work on moving the purses up to the top, but I'm busy being all smarty-pants-ish at my conference... :)

  4. I love the first one! I can really really relate. My boo once called me from a department store to ask me what size pants he wears.....

    Love it! Great post!

    1. Thank you! I know, these men, they're ... they're precious. Bless their hearts.


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