Sunday, May 13, 2012

Momma Mia in the Yearbook

That's how I start emails to my Mom.  And phone calls.  And voicemails.  I can't help it.  I mean, if you had a Mom who looked like this, you'd serenade her too!

And, as if those photos weren't proof enough that this girl (the one writing this, who has two thumbs) is waaaaay blessed with an awesome maternal situation, I've got even more.  My MIL.  Who may-or-may-not know that I yearbookedherself...

I mean really, should a girl be so lucky?  No, probably not.  But am I?  Oh yes.  I love my mothers.  We're about 600 miles apart today, and that kind of blows.  But thus is the life we've been dealt.  To make up for my absence, I've sent them some special presents from Delicate Fortress.  Because my moms love pretty things, and helping people.  And because I like buying affection.

Happy Mother's Day, all you ladies out there!  And if you want a little extra fling on your special day, go yearbookyourself.  It's pretty much awesome.

The luckiest girl in any yearbook,


  1. Love that you love your mom and I've never heard of yearbookyourself, but I totally want to.

    I hate to get into a whole my mom is better than your mom, but my mom used to be a waterskiing stunt girl. Oh, yeah, real occupation.

    Happy day to you, M.

  2. Thanks for the love and the necklace and the nationwide exposure. I knew I raised you right!


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