Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Sound that Made The Camel Cry

I called a friend tonight.

I told her "I'm having a disproportionate reaction to an event."

Because I was.

And because that's how I talk.

Apparently, it takes some degree of effort for me to sound more like a normal person and less like someone who has multiple math degrees.  And at the time I placed that phone call, I didn't have any extra effort in me to give.

The "event" that I was having a disproportionate reaction to was my smoke alarms going off.  Every single one of them, at the same time.  I wasn't cooking, or baking, and nothing was burning.  At least, I was pretty sure that nothing in the house was on fire.  So that's weird.  And annoying.  And I didn't know how to make it stop.  My "disproprotionate reaction" as that I just wanted to sit down on my front stoop and sob.  We're talking the ugly cry, here people.  That's all I wanted to do.

Handsome is currently in a burn building conducting training, so I was left to rely upon the kindness of strangers and my own ingenuity.  It's sort of impressive, really, that it has taken nearly 3 years for this to happen; me to need him and him be unreachable due to the fire/medic service.  This was the first time, as long as we're not counting the time he left me at the grocery store.  Let's not count that.  

I didn't really take time to change into "going out in public" clothes.
I wore these snazzy platform Teva's, a tank top, and pajama shorts.
For some reason, it made sense to me to leave my house to go to the grocery store,
but I couldn't take time to change, in case it really was on fire.
Like I said, I had no extra effort left.

I loaded Duke up in the Jeep, so that in case the house really was on fire, I wouldn't have a char-broiled pup on my hands, and went to the grocery store.  A mere $18 later, I had 4 new batteries all in place.

It still happened again.  So now I'm playing the process of elimination where we methodically unhook each detector from the electric, and see what happens.  And I'm not baking.  Just in case.

So begins another adventure as the wife of a firefighter.  Paramedic school also starts tomorrow (likely the cause of my disproportionate reaction), and so I'm also entering a new phase in life.  I like to call it "The Wedded Bachelorette".  I hear that a person can survive most anything, if they have a finish line.  So here's to the next 11 months.  May they be as painless as possible.  And may I still be able to recognize my husband at the end of it.

Oh, and may my house not burn down.  Amen.

Glamorous as always,


  1. Replies
    1. I need it a bit. I talked to your husband on the phone in the midst of this. It was as though he could hear the tidal wave of emotion in my voice, and it terrified him :)

    2. i think so too. i watched his wild eyes and thought, "perhaps i should ask him if he'd like me to field this..." but in the end i decided to let him handle it mainly because he's the one who sorted ours out when they did the same thing last year. i just took the kids and went to grandma's until the noise stopped. have you figured it all out now?

  2. Good luck with PM school. I am SO glad we are done and I have my husband back. I think that my disproportionate reaction to med training might have had something to do with the 4 creatures that call me mommy, but I don't know for sure. Help him study his drugs - I found that flash cards worked wonders.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I know we've got it as easy as can be, having only a dog that needs attention. It's really good to be reminded that others have done what we're trying to do, and survived :) Thanks!

  3. {{ hugs }}

    We all have days like that some time.

    I will say though, it is amazing that you've gone 3 years without such an incident yet! You must have a lucky charm!
    For us it seems like those type of things ONLY happen while he's on shift. Hmph.

    I too helped FireMan study thru his medic class. For me it helped me feel like we were staying connected and that I was aware of what was going on in his life. Plus it helped him study :)

    1. It will be a long journey, but I think you're right. It will likely help quite a bit for me to engage in it with him. Thanks!

  4. These things always happen when nobody is around to help! Glad your house didn't burn down. You'll make it through 11 months. I think people can do almost anything if they know it's going to end. Best wishes to you.


    1. I'll be keeping that light at the end of the tunnel in focus! Thanks for the love!

  5. Think of it as having a baby. The labor is sometimes long and always painful, but in the end, you get a bouncing, baby paramedic. I love you both so much. If your house burns down, will you move to PA?

    1. Mom, don't burn my house down.


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