Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I Love (NFOP)

I'm loving life today.  The sun is shining, the humidity is down, Handsome is not working, I got my exercise in early so I can eat freely the rest of the day, I went swimming for a bit... I could go on, but it might make you a tad bit jealous.

Okay, fine, twist my arm.  I'll keep listing things for you.  But before I do, I wanted to let you in on some lingo I'm inventing.  And yes, I know you're supposed to wait until you get the phhhhd before you make up words.  But, I feel like, since acronyms aren't words, it doesn't really count. So here's my new acronym:
def:  NFOP - Not Found On Pinterest
If there was an 8th day of the week, and if that 8th (I keep trying to write the word "8th".  You know, the one that begins with an "e" and ends with a "th" and has a mess of letters inbetween?  I keep doing it wrong, so I'm sticking with the number.  I hope you're okay with that.) day started with the letter "N" then I would have a running post called "NFOP Neuthdays" or whatever the n-day-of-the-week was called.  Just so you know.

Get ready, as you read this, to think of things that you love.  Because this isn't an I-give-and-you-take relationship.  No sirree.  This is an I-give-and-I-take sort of relationship.  So I'm just saying, it's about time for you to give.  Tell you what; you leave a comment with some of your favorite nfop things, and I'll pick a winner.  And then I'll make that winner a strawberry pie.  And then I'll eat the pie, for the winner.  Sound good?  Here we go!

I love it when a plan comes together.
We rigged this little contraption so that
(a) We could store the lid to my Jeep out of the way
(b) It would have minimal hardware on the ceiling when the lid is not in storage
(c) We were buying responsibly.  We used ratchet straps that I will store in my Jeep when the lid is not on the ceiling
(d) Handsome would run into the corner of it as much as possible.  Its already happened once

I love Road Food.
Not roadkill or anything like that (although I know of some people who do.. EWW!),
but food that you buy on the side of the road.
Fruit stands - Best produce, and best prices, usually
Pick-up hauling around a smoker selling BBQ?  Generally a great idea, if you like delicious things.
Funnel Cakes in the carpet store parking lot?  Actually, that one was a bad idea.

I love flowering trees.
And fruit trees.
But I think fruit trees generally flower, so I'm sticking with my first one.
Okay, there's my three.  Your turn!  What 3 things do you love?

I love lamp,

p.s.- I took all these pictures with my new phone.  How awesome is that?!?


  1. I love the summer, heat and all. I love fresh fruit. I love when the kids go to bed at night :)

    1. Lovely list! Summer's supposed to be hot, isn't it?

  2. Quiet time, pizza hut deep dish pizza (but it doesn't love me!) & big ole cinnamon rolls!!

    1. Pizza hut is torture on a stomach, but so good when it hits your lips!

    2. SO TRUE! haha! And why am i always talking about food? LOLOL

  3. You asked for it...that moment in the day when you can take off your bra and put on your sweats and call it a day. Making people laugh and then laughing along with them. On purpose growing toward becoming the person I was meant to be from the start. Love those things.

    1. You are such a good laugher! ha ha, look, there, you made me laugh. Now let the world laugh with me! <3

  4. Taking a walk with my kids.
    Having a lunch date outside with my husband at a picnic table by the river.
    My new aloe plant.

    Odd? Ya, I know, but that's today for me. :-)

    1. Odd?? That all sounds awesome! I had an aloe plant for about 4 years, I loved that thing!

  5. i love having time to get my hair cut, my really cool chickens, drinking out of y husband's grandmother's old coffee cup

    1. How old do you think your husband's grandmother's coffee cup is? That's very cool! No wonder you're loving it!

  6. 3 Things? I have to limit my list to 3 things? Ok I'll try; spending time with hubby, working with kids and Ice skating!


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