Monday, June 4, 2012

reCAP Mason Jars Lid Giveaway

Because today is Monday...
and because I'm leaving my house tomorrow...
and because you're all just the best...

I've got a present for you!

It may look like a simple little lid, but let me tell you, this thing is revolutionary.

website here

The facts:
1. It's made in the U. S. of A

2. It's made from BPA free plastic, although it looks like old-timey metal
3. It fits regular mouth mason jars

4. It's spill-proof
5. It's great for pouring all sorts of things (I've used mine for honey and it works like a BOSS)
6. You can also drink out of it (I've done that too, and Cheerwine has never tasted more authentic.)

7. I'm in love.

And, because you're all the bestest ever, and also because I'm assuming you love mason jars almost as much as I do, I've got not one, not two, but 5 reCAPs for you!
In addition to the caps, I've also got 5 little chalkboard labels for you.

Can't you just see it now?
Your 5 mason jars with awesome lids and cutesy labels on them?
I'm not lying, I've never wanted to keep a giveaway item before more in my life.
Curiously enough, though, when you email businesses and say
 "Can you send me some of your product to keep for myself and not share,"
they tend to say

So these are most definitely for you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm a giver,


  1. I have a couple of mason jars and I've been waiting to do something with them. This is awesome!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love that you have 30 days to try the product with a full refund. That's awesome! We have about 4-5 mason jars in our fridge at any time, mostly full of homemade jam!


  4. these are awesome!! i hope i win!

  5. I don't own ANY but I know someone who has a billion in her basement. I'm going to go steal some! True story. I'll steal with her consent of course! LOL

  6. I love these things! I got five through supporting the Kickstarter project, and use them all the time...salad dressing, honey, tea, all kinds of simple syrups (great for summer cocktails), etc. PA made too!

  7. Just got on of these today from an awesome swap partner. :) I love love love it and have already used it as I'm currently on a juice fast and have been drinking from a mason jar. :) Couldn't say thanks enough!!

  8. Anonymous6/05/2012

    These are awesome! Where did you get the chalkboard labels? I've been looking for them too.

  9. I'm coming slightly late to this party because our internet is dumb and wouldn't load the rafflecoptor thing. Anyways, we have flats and flats of mason jars in our basement, and Ken often keeps jam jars and things of that nature as well, so these would be super handy. Alas...


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