Thursday, June 21, 2012

Since the Dawn of Time, Part 3

I started this story many many moons ago.  Parts 1, 2, and 4 are in the archives.  However, since I do things in my own order (Remember the curtains?  Bathrooms are still without.) I failed to ever write up part 3.

Basically, Part 3 is how we ended up here

I'm a maverick, what can I say.

Years ago, I had been pestering pressuring gently reminding my boyfriend Handsome that (1) Graduation was in 1 year, (2) I would be moving after graduation, and (3) Most weddings take approximately a year to plan.  Just as an FYI, no pressure.  Definitely not nagging, no, not me, never.

I finally decided to give up on the gentle reminders.  If H didn't mind that his 5-year deadline was fast approaching, then I was determined not to mind either.  I mean, I didn't give up entirely, since I was still crying to my mom at night, telling her that I'd have to end up moving to SC without Handsome, and wasting the last 5 years of my life, and on and on.  But I was trying desperately to be content with my current situation.

Enter July 4th.  I love the fourth of July.  The fireworks, the hot dogs, the overwhelming love for America; I buy into all of it.  And Handsome knows that I love it.  I really thought, this year, on our 5th 4th (wrap your head around that) spent together, I thought that would be it.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect the whole sky-writing thing.  Heck, a ring inside a hot dog would have worked for me.

Evening came, evening passed.  Fireworks went off.  We watched, we cuddled, I started to hold my breath.  If I would have kept holding my breath, I would have turned blue & passed out.  No ring.  No promise.  No happily ever after that night.  Torture would have been easier.

Two weeks later, Handsome's family & I all packed up and headed to the beach.  Virginia is for lovers and whatnot, but I had firmly set my expectations at ground level.  Nothing exciting would happen, and that was okay.

He asked me one night if I wanted to go watch the sunrise with him in the morning.  We had tried to do this last time we went to the beach, but failed (sleeping is just so wonderful, you know?).  I told him sure, asked him to wake me up, and went on with my life.  I woke at 9 AM the next morning, to a cloudy sky.  Handsome had determined that the sunrise was going to be lousy, and had let me sleep.  We decided to try again for the next day.

Next day comes, I slip on a sports bra & yoga pants (hotness itself, if you must know), fail to brush my teeth, and stumble out to the beach.

I only have pictures of bad pictures.
We sat on the beach.  And waited.  And waited.  Handsome wasn't talking much.  The sunrise wasn't very impressive.  I was quite tired.  And gorgeous looking, I assure you.

Not the best I've ever seen.
Finally Handsome reached his hand around me, and opened up his fist.  If I remember right, he said "So, do you wanna?"  That was enough, mostly due to the fact that his now open fist contained a diamond ring.  He was so nervous (although I'm not sure why, as I'd been hinting that I would gladly marry him for the past 18 months...) and I cried and said yes right away.  We walked along the beach for a while (the sunrise now becoming - in my mind - the best ever), and finally went back to the house where 14 of H's closest relatives were sleeping.

There was shouting and cheering and questions right away, like what date and who and colors and 100 other things a brand-new bride-to-be doesn't know.  I called home, and my Mom said "Finally!" because she was tired of keeping the secret.

Handsome's mom (has got it going on) took pictures later, and they're some of my very favorites.  Turns out she had also woken up and seen us on the beach, thought about taking a picture, and then fallen back to sleep.  I would love to have some better pictures of that morning, but H was too nervous and kept it a secret from nearly everyone.

This story took place nearly 5 years ago.  Today is our 4th anniversary, and I'd marry him all over again, poor engagement pictures and all.  I'm pretty much the luckiest girl around, and I'm happy to know it.

Enjoy my special day!


  1. Happy anniversary!! Wonderful story!

    1. Thank you! It was lovely :)

  2. One of my favorite engagement stories, probably cause you guys are some of my favorite people! Happy Anniversary, I was so blessed to be a part of your beautiful day 4 years ago!

    1. I loved having you there! :) Being favorite is awesome!

  3. ohhh i know the agony of waiting! and when the moment comes it is STILL so unreal and such a surprise. fun fun story!

    1. The agony, indeed! I really thought I might just explode. How long did you date for?

  4. Yay!!! Love this story!!!

    1. Ha ha, thanks! It is fun to be living it! :)


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