Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So, Potatoes

I'm so excited, it's all I can do to slow my fingers down enough to type real words on here instead of alkdjfaoeifaioyfadjfi.  See, the other morning, I decided to spot check and see if the potato plants were ready.  The only way to know if the plants are ready is to actually dig one of them up and see if the potatoes are a good size.  Mine have been in the ground about 10 weeks, so I knew I had a shot (I think they're supposed to be 8-15 weeks, depending on the variety).  

These potatoes are from Potato Mountain
When I pulled these guys out, I wasn't thrilled, but I was excited.  Digging for potatoes is pretty much as close to finding buried treasure as I'll ever come, and I love it every time.  For size comparison, those tomatoes were about golf-ball size.  Not huge, but better than tiny.  All the same, I figured the plants still had a few weeks to go.  I wanted real potatoes, yo.

And then.  Oh my.  Then.

Then later that evening, Handsome decided we were having steak & potatoes & corn for dinner (because we love America, yes) and I sadly informed him that we didn't really have enough potatoes for everyone.  He asked if there were not other potato plants in the garden.  Obviously, I said yes, there were.  So we tried a different spot (the potato penthouses).  I dug.  And dug.  And kept digging.  And H. wasn't sure whether to tease me for a lack of potatoes, or console me.  It was almost demoralizing.  I had such high hopes.

And then.  OH MY.  Then.

Then I found them.  Pay dirt, it was hit.  BOOYAH!  Look at these babies!

From 3 plants, we pulled over 3 pounds of potatoes.  I don't know if that is a good number, compared with potato farmers everywhere (and  yes, I consider myself a potato farmer).  I'm not really concerned about that.  What I'm focused on is that I. GREW. REAL. POTATOES.  Not babies.  Not ones that "would be food for sauteing in butter" because they're so "personal sized".  Nope.  Big'uns.  Ones you'd pick up in the store and say "Wow, that's a big potato."  

Except you're not in the store, you're at my house.  But you'd still pick it up and say the same thing.  And speaking of store, I had to run to the store that evening (.4 miles away - it's a problem) because the steaks Handsome had decreed we were eating had not been purchased yet.  IT WAS ALL I COULD DO, Y'ALL.  All I could do not to tell each and every person in the store that I didn't need their stinkin' potatoes, I wasn't there to buy potatoes, no thank you.  I had my own, real (and probably better) potatoes at home.  THAT I GREW.  Oh my, I was jumping around I was so pumped.

We ate them mashed.  Not all 3 pounds, that would be excessive.  I used 2 big ones and 3 small ones.  Fed 5 people, with seconds & leftovers.  In case you want to know, here's my recipe.  Try not to marvel at how specific it is...

Mashed Potatoes.2-.3 lbs potatoes, per person
3 T butter (assuming 5-6 people)
3 T heavy cream (same as butter)
pinch salt
Peel & dice potatoes, larger than dice but smaller than golf balls.  Place in a pot of water, and bring to a boil.  Continue to boil for 8-12 minutes, until you poke a piece with a fork and it falls apart.  Drain water, and while potatoes are draining, add butter & cream to the hot pot.  Let melt.  Add potatoes back in.  Mash.  Add salt to taste.  (Note: Don't use a hand mixer, as potatoes will take on a paste-y consistency, like that of instant mashed potatoes.  You don't want anyone confusing your special homemade mashers with something from a box.)

I'd just like to say that last year, with my 9 potato plants, I vowed to plant more.  And I did plant more.  I think we have about 30 potato plants this year.  And this year, I'd like to make another vow - to plant more. It is my firm belief that I will never plant enough potatoes.  BECAUSE PLANTING POTATOES IS FANTASTIC.  It's easy, relatively cheap, and you get a great return on each little sliver of potato.  

In a word, AWESOME.

I love potatoes,


  1. Congrats are your mad farming skills! So cool to be able to pick something from your garden and serve it for dinner.

    1. I really like that part, too! The digging though, that's the best. Buried treasure, heck yes!

  2. Yummmm. I love potatoes! I totally want to grow my own now! I'm jealous of your little potato farm you've got going on.

    1. You & Me, official BFF's. Parlty because you called it a potato farm, and partly because you're just so awesome.

  3. Love the pictures. You're such a farmer, I love it!

    1. Ha ha, thanks! I sure feel like a farmer when I eat food from my garden! All I need now is a straw hat :)

  4. We picked our first squash a few days ago and had it on shish kabobs last night. So far, that lone squash is the whole of our harvest. But I still felt awesome.


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