Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm so Ready

Ready to be home.

Ready to kiss my handsome (and lately, longsuffering) husband.

Ready to not pack a single bag for a long time.

Ready to daily gaze at what is fast becoming my favorite tree (can you even imagine it in the fall?!?).

Ready for fall.

Ready (ish) for school.  All but the bill, really.  You understand.

Ready to have my things around me.

Ready to clean crap out of my house in a big way. (Did someone say yardsale??)

Ready to attack my research with a vengeance.

Ready to lean how to spell the word "vengeance".

Ready to get into a habit of daily bible & prayer - I'm talking mornings here, people.  It's necessary for me.

Ready to get into a habit of daily exercise & eating better.

Ready to make some changes around my house.

Ready to make a home for Magagnotti-Little.

Ready for fall.

Ready for the #7 eating portion to be over (10 more days!).

Ready for what's next that I don't even know I'm ready for.

Ready for the 4 plants worth of Jalapenos that are waiting my return.  What's a girl to do with 15+ jalapenos?

Ready to smooch my devastatingly good looking and all around charming husband.  (What?  A girl can't smooch her hubby twice?  If you've got one, go smooch him right now.  Then do it again.  See if anything bad happens.  It won't, I promise.)

Ready to connect with y'all again.  I've missed you.

Ready to not feel sick, ever.

Ready for a cabana boy to come pack this one last bag for me.

But mostly, right now, I'm soooo ready to go to bed.  
Peace out homies.  
Goodnight Utah.  

Acronyms are contagious,
p.s.- bonus points if you figure out the entire acronym


  1. Love Ya Like A Sister (Not a Sister Wife)?

    1. Am I that un-original, or are you just THAT good? :) DING DING DING!

    2. I got it last night, too. But then, you probably already knew that.

  2. I've been thinking about you and praying for you lately! Hope everything is going well on your break girl :)

    PS- I'm so ready for fall to come too!

    1. Fall is going to be awesome! :) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

  3. Have a safe trip home!!

    1. It's so awesome to be home. I can't even stop smiling :)

  4. Safe travels! I've been away for 3 1/2 weeks...just got home last night. It SO GOOD to sleep in my own bed. I sympathize.


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