Friday, August 24, 2012

On My Mind

This might seem a bit repetitive to you all, especially with the the picture (of that lovely, gorgeous specimen of the best apple variety to every grace this planet), but I can't help it.  Apples might just be my favorite part of fall.  No lie, I've bought 4 lbs before and eaten them all, with Handsome's help, in a week.  Because we're champs like that.

I swear, though, it's not just apples.  Nope.  Here's a little picture of what I've been thinking about, to see if you're not blind you can guess...

I'm so excited to make CARAMEL apples!  When I had flown into SLC a few weeks ago, there was a Rocky Mountain Candy Factory stand in the airport.  It seemed angels might just be singing.  I love love love (and don't even hesitate) to spend some of my hard-earned per diem on a caramel apple for lunch.  It's fresh, it's sweet, it makes me smile just thinking about it... in a word, D-lish.  And then I remembered.  I was doing #7.  Which for me meant no candy.  And while I wasn't sure if chocolate was actually a candy (don't judge, I worked it out), I knew that caramel was most definitely a candy.  Which meant that caramel apples were most definitely not in my future.  I'd have to waste my per diem on something else.  (For the record, I also tried to snag an AA's Hot Pretzel, but they were out.  Most disappointing airport food experience ever.)

Last year, for Handsome's birthday bash/Halloween party, we served, among other things, some caramel apple fondue.  Oh. My. Lawd.  It was heaven.  You slice up a pretty little apple, dunk it in some sprite then dry it off (for anti-browning purposes), and stick it on a skewer.  Then you make caramel, pour it in a crock pot, and keep it on low/warm.  Dip and much to your heart's content.  So good.  Problem is, I cant' remember the recipe we used.  So I started looking.  And then I started finding.  And now I have a slight obsession and want to try all the recipes I found.

In case you have the same problem obsession love, I've gathered the caramel apple recipes here for you, too!  Really, the recipes are just for the caramel parts, as God makes the apples.  But whatevs.  Oh, and I've taken the liberty of re-naming them.  Because I can.

1.  Regular Pantry Homemade Caramel.  This one is as close as I could find to what I made last year.  I call it the "Regular" pantry recipe, because the pantry stuff it calls for is what I generally have. (picture via the same source)

2.  Guns & Butter's Dipping Caramel.  I just found this lady's blog this morning, and I'm pretty much in love.  In addition to luvin the name, she met her husband in Bulgaria, and I have a family friend from Bulgaria.  We have so much in common already.  Soul mates, I do believe.

3.  Fancy Pantry Homemade Caramel. If you read #1, then this title is pretty self-explanatory.  If you didn't read the explanation on #1, I'd really like to you tell me, because skipping to #3 without reading #1 would be pretty much impossible for me.  (Recipe is also found here, I don't know who actually dreamt it up.)  If you don't like the title, you could also call them "The Darker Side of Caramel".  I might do that.

via OurBestBites
Great caramel apple decorating ideas!
Great ideas in general, really...
4.  The Lighter Darker Side of Caramel.  Also named "High Faloutin' but Forgetful Homemade Caramel".  You know, for those of you who'd like to try the Fancy Pantry caramel, but forget to pick up a few things and have to use light corn syrup instead of dark.  Not that any of you would ever do that...

5.  Easy Peazy Caramel Sauce.  My grandma makes caramels every year for Christmas.  So one year, I decided to make some for her (and me).  My recipe has about 8 ingredients.  I told her it was hard.  She told me she uses sweetened condensed milk.  My universe was shifted.  The end.

6.  Honey Caramel.  We have friends who make honey.  Correction, we have friends who have bees who make honey.  And we sometimes buy/trade it from them.  We used to be wary of honey, but now we're a pro-honey household.  So I feel like the time might be ripe to try this little recipe.  She says that the flavor is "unique enough" that you don't need to do any decorating, which both intrigues me and sends me back to wary-of-honey land for a moment.  So I'm gonna try them, for sure!

Okay.  I know my list isn't exhaustive, so if you find more recipes, please please please share them!  And if you try any of these, share that with me too.  I mean the apple though, not just your story.  If you just share the story and don't share the apple, I might have to re-evaluate our friendship.  Friends don't hoard caramel apples.

Eating  my way through Fall,


  1. mm..apples really just say fall. their voices are a bit high and squeaky when they say it, but i love them anyways :-)

    1. apples say wha?! :) Love it!

  2. Which one would you like us to use for your shower? You pick.

    1. Let's go with the regular pantry style, it was DE-lish!

  3. Currently drooling. Apples are my absolute favorite! Yumyumyum

    1. I know, right??!? Have you had a Honey Crisp? Because they really are the best ever. Really.

  4. You are going to make my waistline double with all of this deliciousness.
    Holy cow, I LOVE caramel apples.

    1. Just imagine how much we'll eat when we're neighbors :) ha ha, it's fall! WooHoo!!


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