Monday, August 20, 2012

Super Sniffer

Apparently, I was mistaken.  I had thought that when the pregnancy nose kicked in, that I would know.  I think that if you suddenly inherit a super power, you should be aware of it.  I mean, Spiderman definitely knew when the radioactive spider bit him; Johnny of the Fantastic 4 certainly realized it when he turned into the human flame (are you impressed with my nerd level yet?  I can keep going...).  But it seems that when I came to be in possession of a bloodhound-approved super sniffer, no one bothered to tell me.  I just went to the grocery store, easy as you please, and started shopping.  

Everything was going fine, produce wasn't a problem... just making my way through the store.  And then I got to the bakery.  I love baked goods.  I mean, what about these:

and this:

and this:

(hungry yet?)

One of my very favorite things is cinnamon rolls.  But when I got to that bakery section, it seemed that Ingles was pumping straight cinnamon and sugar out of the air vents and onto my face.  My gosh.  I had to interrupt an employee eating lunch to ask her where the bathroom was, because I thought I was going to vom.  It was rough.  It wasn't until later that I realized that Ingles wasn't experimenting with a subliminal message that went wrong, but rather I was smelling things more violently than before.

I have yet to find an upside to the super sniffer.  Perhaps it's because we had 2 extra dogs in the house last week, and they all breathed. so. much.  Perhaps it's because Handsome is officially in love with bicycling when he comes back from his 20+ mile rides (done in the heat of the day) he is, shall we call it, ripe.  And wanting to hug me.  Since it's August in SC (and everywhere else in the world, ha ha...), there aren't a whole lot of flowers in bloom for me to smell from far off.  Strong food smells still make me a bit nauseated.  So yeah, no perks yet.

It's just weird.  I may or may not have passed someone the other day because I could smell (through my windows up, driving down the road) that they were smoking a cigar and I didn't want to smell it.  When I passed them, they were indeed smoking the cigar.  I felt a bit like the world's best detective, so perhaps a self-esteem boost is the perk.  But really, I'd trade it.  I feel pretty good about my small accomplishments in general, I'm in no need of more encouragement.

I still forget that I have a super sniffer.  Friends were over and I apologized for how bad Duke smelled.  They didn't smell anything.  It's just me.  I'm beginning to catch on, and sometimes I'll start to complain about / apologize for a smell, and then realize that no one else smells it.  I watch for context clues like scrunched up noses and suspicious glances.  Maybe I really am turning into the world's best detective.

Any smelly stories out there?  Lucky for me, there isn't smell-i-vision yet, so feel free to share :)

Wishing for a nose plug,


  1. oh, you crack me up! hope you get some relief from that super sniffer....

  2. Oh my, this sounds like quite an experience! Definitely not sure I'm looking forward to it when I have kids someday. I really do hope you can find some way to keep it in check!

    1. I just read about someone who carried a bar of their favorite soap around with them, to smell when other things got too overwhelming. Ha ha, I might have to resort to that!

  3. "Smelling things more violently than before." Best line in the post.

    1. I'm serious, that cinnamon/sugar was VIOLENT.

  4. Getting caught up on you and all of your soon-to-be mommy adventures. Oh, my gosh, I bet you are such a funny pregnant woman.

    Do you know I weighted 199 pounds when I gave birth to our first? I don't even remember eating a lot. Apparently, I blocked it out. One time my OB chatised me for gaining 7lbs from a Friday afternoon to a Monday morning. Hello. I don't even think that is humanly possible.

    Love to you!


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