Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Embrace The Quiet

I know I've told you all about my travels.  They were many and long and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am.  And then they were over, and I dreamed of peace.  Then the friends came.  Dang friends.  It's hard, you know?  Having friends sometimes?  Ones that you actually like to hang out with and are willing to come visit you.  They make for great memories, as well as noisy houses.

And then the in-laws.  The in-laws, they came.  And they loved on us.  And they visited and bought me steak for dinner.  And they hung out with us and smooched our puppy and loved on our baby who isn't even here yet.  They were lovely and I was so glad they were here.  

And then they went home.  And for a day, it was Handsome & myself.  And then it was more friends and fun times.  Really, it's hard being the object of so much love and attention.  

Maybe it's warped, but there is a part of me,  amid all of these fun times and memory making, that longs for quiet.  For no plans.  For (and this is weird, but bear with me) loneliness.  I haven't figured out yet if I'm an introvert or an extrovert.  I know, I know, there's a personality test out there that will tell me.  But maybe I just don't want to know myself that well.  Maybe I'm too indecisive to answer the questions.  Maybe those little pieces of my neurosis right there prove all I need to know.

I hate when bloggers apologize for terrible lighting and bad photos.
But now, with this one, I understand why they do.
Not that I'm apologizing.

Here's what I do know: Handsome and I are staring down the barrel of an 8-day streak.  It's going to be a long second-week of September.  (Speaking of barrel, any intruders will find themselves staring down a barrel of a different sort, were they to try and take advantage of H's absence.  Just sayin'!)  And no, I don't love that my love will be super busy and more stressed than usual.  I won't love missing him, and I'll likely cry a few tears over it.

But I am looking forward to a few things.

To quiet.

To owning the bed.

To wonderful-smelling candles and fruit for dinner.

And mostly, to turning off the peanut gallery.

The peanut gallery
Those peanuts, they drive me nuts.  Apparently I shut one of them off in my sleep the other night, when Handsome was trying to listen to it.  Don't worry, no persons were harmed by my sleep-shutting-off-ness.  While H is gone, though, these puppies don't even chirp.  Oh, the quiet. My sleep, it's gloriously uninterrupted.

So there's my crappy photos, and my sad sad story of an introvert trapped in an extrovert's body (or possibly vice-versa) and a bit of lamenting the crazy life we're about to live.  And still a few things I'm looking forward to.  Have you ever taken one of those personality tests?  Did you like what you were told?  Did you think it fit?

Love & (no) Radios,


  1. I've taken many of those tests, and they are eerily accurate. I will say this though: You don't really need the fancy test. Just answer yourself ONE question: Where do you draw your energy from? Do you reenergize by being around people, or is being around people a fun thing but something that eventually drains you? Introverts recharge by being alone. Extroverts need to be around people to get their energy. It's that simple. Unless it's not. ;)

    1. Hmm... I'm going to have to think about that last line... :)

  2. This is a good post. I feel ya on the quiet....balance is so elusive :)

    1. I've been equal parts pining, at peace, and anxious tonight already. Since the parts are equal, does that mean I'm balanced?

  3. Amen country sister...I feel the same way you do. Love the memories you make but sometimes I feel like being alone. You know my favorite thing I miss (since kids) shopping and going to the movies by myself. I love the time alone to think and be bored.

    1. My house is so quiet right now. Even my dog is sleeping (or did I leave him outside again??). I know I've only got 21 short weeks until this is over. AH!


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