Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Love I

****Last day to enter!!****

I love Fridays.

I love being done with a 10-day exam 2 days early, so I'm not editing right up to the last minute and (let's be honest, in all likelihood) turning it in late.  

I love cool mornings spent in quiet, and cool evenings when friends will fill the house and the smell of a campfire will fill the air.

Here's what else I love right now:

Seriously, this song is on repeat, and I think Duke is even head-bopping to it.  Love it.

The idea of these cute little onsies.  You know how I am with old t-shirts, and, well, I basically want to quit my job right now and make these forever.  In theory.  Once I make one for real, I'll let you know how the dream is doing.

How crazy easy these blocks are to make.  Seriously, I threw together 8 last night.  They weren't all pretty, but it was fun the WHOLE TIME!  

Soup.  I'm making soup for tonight.  Chicken Noodle and Cheeseburger.  That's two different types, not one. Cheeseburger Chicken Noodle would be weird.  

Those are my loves.  I'm off to read through my exam one more time, pick out the weak spots, reinforce them against the raging waters, beef 'em up, and be done with it.  Then grocery shopping, house cleaning, and I might even try and come up with a very special dessert for tonight... let's just say it includes my dear honey crisps and a good amount of marshmallows.  

What do you love this Friday?
Success tastes like caramel,

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  1. I'm loving the fact that I can sleep in tomorrow, that I get to go on a "date" with my hubby Sunday night while the kids are in Awana, and I'm loving the prospects of a bright future. I am choosing to see it as brights, because sometimes it's anything but; however, today, I am choosing the bright side.

    You've got a great list going and your dinner sounds yummy. Happy Weekend!


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