Monday, September 3, 2012

Pittsburgh Grilled Chicken Salad & Not Apples

Today, we're trying a little interactive blog reading.  Ready?  Your part is in the asterisks.  You know, these things ***

Me: Knock knock.
*You: Who's there?
Me: Orange
*You: "Orange" who?
Me: Orange you glad today's post isn't about apples?

Ha ha ha... good job, guys.  That joke gets me every time.

You're going to need a big bowl for this.
And you're not sharing.

Nope, no apples today [I'm eating one right now, but that doesn't count].  Today is all about one of my favorite meals.  Growing up, with as many brothers and sisters as I had, birthdays were very important, as it was the day that each kid got to feel super important.  And on a kid's birthday, the prince (or princess) always got to pick their birthday dinner.  This was my choice my last birthday at home: Pittsburgh Grilled Chicken Salad.  Doesn't it look heavenly?

Now, this isn't really a recipe, as much as it is a series of steps.  Not pictured, Step 00 is to marinate chicken in Italian Dressing (I like Northern or Zesty, but that's just me).  And Step 0 is to grill said chicken, as well as bake some french fries (I like Ore Ida Fast Food variety).  You can fry them if you wish, and if you're lucky enough to be allowed to own a fryer.  If only. *sigh*

Step 1: Prepare salad.
At least lettuce.
Maybe spinach.
Throw in something more colorful if you're feeling frisky.

Step 2: Place hot french fries on top of the salad.
Trust me on this.
Don't skimp, either.
You'd regret it.

Step 3: Shred some nice sharp cheddar over the hot french fries.
I'd suggest not skimping on this, either.
Really, it's a salad of indulgence.
Go ahead.

Step 4: Chop/tear the chicken and toss it on top of the cheese, on top of the fries, on top of the salad.
Or in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
Either way.
Your call.
I suggest the first.

Step 5: Top with a nice ranch dressing.
Then get excited.

At this point, I toss everything together, sit myself down with the large bowl and a fork, and dig in.  It's so good.  Get a little bit of everything on your fork, too.  Some lettuce, some chicken, some cheese-covered french fries.  It'll be everything you hoped for and more.  Sometimes I make this with steak.  Sometimes I toss in some bacon or some blue cheese.  Sometimes I do the hokey pokey.

I know it's a salad.  You know it's a salad.  But once you eat it, you'll realize it's so much more.  And then you'll want it for your birthday.  It's okay.  And if you decide you want it for someone else's birthday, that's okay too.  I mean, every day is someone's birthday.  I'm sure they'd want you to eat it, whoever they are.  I ate a salad like this 4 times last week.  There were a lot of birthdays.

Anyone [not from NW PA] ever get a salad with the fries on it?  It's the bomb diggity.  You'll be a believer.  Go get some.

Celebrating birthdays every day,


  1. Looks SO delicious. It's been too long since I've had a bowl of my own. Minus the ranch, of course. Sweet & sour is my dressing of choice. Yum. Feel so sad for those non-Pittsburgh people who have never had fries on their salad.

    1. Make it, Mom! Those poor, unfortunate souls. Hopefully, this little post will help rectify such an injustice. That's what I'm here for, anyhow.


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