Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Confessions

So that Alyx girl that I've told you about?  Well, she does this little link-up every Sunday, and sometimes I forget about it.  I don't forget about her, no no no.  But I forget that she's created a space to confess all that weighs heavy on a person's soul.  Lucky for me (and you, as well), I remembered today.  And trust me, I've got a lot to get off of my chest.

1.  I've been shouting a lot this evening.  Scared my dog.  

2.  I'm also not looking (figuratively speaking)  favorably upon Baby Magnum (as we've taken to calling this little parasite I'm growing) right now.  Mostly, because Baby wants me to go to sleep, and I say "No!"

3.  Both 1 & 2 are due to one thing: I've got a fever, and the only solution is MORE PITTSBURGH STEELERS FOOTBALL!

4.  I'm considering eating some dessert, despite the fact that I had a half-sleeve of chips ahoy as my mid-afternoon snack.

5.  I didn't share.  I saw something amazing, and I didn't share it with you.  I'm sorry.  Oh, and what I saw?  A camel.  Lying down beside the road.  In rural SC.

6.  I have a lot of feelings today.  Like, random-sobbing-lots-of-feelings.  Luckily, I realized what was happening in time to warn Handsome to ignore what was about to happen.  He doesn't ignore, but nor does he take me seriously (for good or ill).  Mostly he just laughs at me.

7.  I showered twice today, once before church and once after bike riding.  I couldn't conjure up the strength to brush my hair twice, though, so I look like this right now (and likely tomorrow, too).

8.  My camera, my real one (i.e.- not my phone), the one I begged for for Christmas, is broken.  Has been for a month now.  And I haven't gotten it fixed.  Plan #1 for tomorrow, I swear, I'm going to (as Handsome tells me to do) "take better care of my things".

9.  I bought fabric.  You know, even though I'm supposed to be cleaning out my sewing room.  Whoops.

10.  As my handsome husband keeps getting more and more fit, I keep getting more and more ... round.  And sleepy.  It's just not fair.  If I gain the upper end of the weight range the Dr.s suggested, and Handsome loses any more weight, I'll weigh more than him.  I'm not okay with that.  It's just weird.

Who can't wait to get their real camera working again?
Oh, Oh!! Pick me, Pick me!
Told you I had a lot to confess.  Now I'm going to finish watching the Steelers game (so happy to get to say that!) and possibly grab myself some ice cream!

Absolution is a wonderful thing,


  1. You are funny. And wwwwwwhhhhhyyyyy is there a camel on the side of the road in SC?????

    By the way, I'm working on a post where I'm asking YOU to something if you are so inclined but you don't have to. But it would be fun. But you don't have to. But..

    Anyway, stay tuned.

    1. Apparently a small traveling carnival had set up for the weekend, and he was part of the main event. But he wasn't very helpful when it came to things like setting up the grandstands, so they tethered him out by the road to graze. Must have gotten tired :)

      And do you mean "YOU" as in the people who read your blog, and so I'm included, or do you mean "YOU" as in me, Mariah? Either way, I'm interested!

  2. Ahhhh sorry I'm just now getting around to reading your confessions. It's been a busy week.
    Anyway, at least you'll have an excuse to weigh more than him if it DOES happen.
    Thanks for linking up!


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