Saturday, October 13, 2012

Holiday Time

I've been having holidays lately. Not in the British sense, where they say "holiday" but mean vacation (egocentric much, self?).  No, more in the way where days and events feel special, where there is a hint of anticipation in the air.

For example, eating this awesome chocolate bar today?

While munching on it (and I did munch on it - I think sometimes it tastes best when your teeth are full of chocolate, ya know what I mean?), I suddenly felt like it was Easter.  And while I know that Easter is not all about chocolate, it is a taste/smell memory, and always takes me back.

And then, last Thursday, when Handsome finally had a full day off (first time in 8 days) we were just hanging out, chilling and laughing.  It was 100% fabulous.  And it felt like Christmas.  There was an expectation of great things in the air, a fun & relaxed festival of a day.  I asked if we could get a tree, but Husband said no.  Didn't even think about it.  Just "Hey, can we get a Christmas tree today?" and then "No."  

I tried not to let it kill my buzz :)

Merry Easter,


  1. i ate a whole chocolate bar today, too! and then i forgot and drank a large milkshake just a couple of hours later. ....whoops.

    1. I think far too few people eat chocolate bars! I love that you "forgot", ha ha!


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