Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Not ALL About Babies...

Except that lately it is.  Sorry.  Or not.  I mean, I can't say I'm sorry about the AWESOME GIVEAWAY we have going on until Friday at midnight.  Nor can I say I'm sorry about what I'm going to show you here:

How can you expect me to be sorry about that?!
ASIDE: I don't know exactly what "via" means.  I mean, I know it means "from" or something like that, but I don't know if it covers the whole "I stole this picture from someone else and so I'm linking you to the original source to cover my tail."  In case it doesn't mean that, please know that I mean for it to mean that.  That is all.
Our nearest zoo had a new arrival the other morning.  And although they set up cameras so that the world could wait and watch with baited breath until this little one arrived, I didn't watch.  There's just something about a video-taped birth that makes me feel... uncomfortable.  Intruded upon.  I know it's my own little thing.  I'm not judging those who watch.  I'm only judging those who tell me that I need to watch.  I don't.  You can't make me.

And then there's pictures like this, which (ignoring the stalker-y vantage point/grainy picture quality) make me wonder: Do the photo people put something on the baby's head?  Is this staged?  It seems like all giraffe mothers kiss their young right on top of their head.  I want to believe that, but the regularity of these types of photos makes me suspicious...

And finally, for those in the area who like to go to zoos (personally, I'm torn about it, but that's another story entirely), baby G will be in the exhibit today.  Gender is as of yet unannounced, and name is also being withheld, although that sort of privacy at this point seems ridiculous, as the entire birth was watched all over the globe... but hey, maybe that's just me ;)

You're welcome for that picture up top.  You're also welcome for me reminding you about our lovely giveaway sponsor, The Coin Laundry!

My favorite onesie of the day is this guy, in honor of the birth-day of Genevieve (what I've decided to name the baby giraffe) is this guy.  I'd send the sweet little giraffe-babe one of these, but I don't think endangered animals like to be reminded of extinct ones so... that would be awkward.

Party Hat Dinosaur

Rock on with your bad self today, knowing that there is one more baby giraffe in this world.  Makes things better somehow.  I also think you'd have a better day if you entered to win the sweet sweet giveaway we have going on over here.  There's just something about knowing you gave it your best shot.   Happy Wednesday, peeps!

<3 M.


  1. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! *thunk*

  2. I've been following baby G too! By the way every time your blogs comes into my feed I say: "who???" It's taking me a while to get used to the new name :)


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