Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making Things

I've missed making things.  I haven't made much.  Heck, up until the chocolate chip cheesecake I made two nights ago, I can't remember the last time I baked just because.  It feels good to be me again.  Of course, our grocery budget doesn't love my baking, but we're working out a compromise.

And then last night?  The sewing bug hit.  I've made a few baby quilts recently, but no purses/wallets.  Not until last week when a friend asked for a purse for a birthday present.  I gave her the purse, and she gave me two bears full of home-produced honey and a jar of apple butter (made from Honey Crisps, oh I can't wait!).  We trade in commodities.  If anyone else wants to join our barter system, feel free to list your skills below.

Please excuse the junk in the background.
Or don't.
Consider it a preparation for what life would be like if you really visited me.
Well, the purse, it got me going.  Also, I'm heading off on a trip tomorrow.  Headed for the great white North.  Except this time of year, it's mostly gray and raining with a few autumn leaves thrown in for color.  I'm so pumped.  But that trip is a post all in itself.  Today, we're talking about making crap.  And make crap I did, except not crap.  A purse and two wallets.  The purse, because I wanted a new purse for my trip (sounds so fanciful, doesn't it?!).  The wallet, because I wanted a new wallet.  It seems we have a pattern going here.  But the second wallet, that was for someone else.  And curiously enough, not Anonymous Kate, the winner I announced yesterday.

The second wallet is for a very special person (who sometimes reads here so I don't want to give it away).  She inspires me, even though I very much doubt she knows.  I do know that she'd scoff if I told her.  She'd start listing all of the un-inspiring things about her.  Makes no difference to me.  Some people are just awesome, and she's one of them.  So I made her a little present.  At least that part of my creativity fever wasn't all about me.

But mostly, I made them because I had ideas, and the ideas needed to be given some space to be.  They needed to be pulled out of the recesses of my head and made with hands.  It's the creating that gets me.  The making.  I have no idea if this will/should ever be more than a hobby.  A "Oh, I wonder what sort of purse (not if it's gonna be a purse) Mariah is going to give me for Christmas" type thing.  I don't know.  But I do know I loved last night.  Didn't even feel the hours tick by.  I've been considering buying the book Quitter.  Have you read it?  Have you "quit"?  Let me know.  Msg me, y'all!

Okay, and now here's the outcomes of the creativity:

My new purse.
In the style of a bunch of other purses I've made, but I wanted to try and add piping.
Except I don't have piping.
And I don't know how to "pipe".
So I just added a little tiny sash of color.

My new wallet.
It's nearly completely thrifted.
That plaid: $1 at the Habitat store.
That zipper on the back: $0.12 at the Habitat store.
That elastic band over the button: My worn out hair band.
I'm in love.

My very special wallet for a very special person.
I don't even know if she likes purple.
She'd better.
Else I'll keep it.

And now, what I learned:

Between the two of these, I think I finally found the wallet I was looking for.  I used a magnetic clasp on the purple one, which I love more than snaps or buttons or bullfrogs.  I like the cards on top, but The orange one has the pockets on the right... pockets.  You know, leaving the smaller one blank so you can use a checkbook (am I the only one who uses a checkbook anymore??).  Oh, and the orange one has a change pocket on the outside, which I love.  I forgot to put one on the purple, which is good, else I might have kept the purple for myself!  And that's what I know!

35 more errands then packing for PA!


  1. These are SO cute. Seriously, you are so talented. There is no way in heck I could make those! I'm sort of (but actually totally) drooling over the plaid pattern on your new wallet!

  2. I have the audio book version of Quitter, and I love it. Also, I have quit and am in my "dream" job, to an extent, anyway. Not necessarily an easy transition, but a great one. Read Quitter. It's worth it.

  3. I am SO impressed! Now please a tutorial. I love the checkered purse and the purple wallet. Please, please, do a tutorial for those of use who can make but not create.

  4. Love!! Especially the wallets...you are amazing!

  5. I love them! You are SO creative. Super, super cute. Really nice work.


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