Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Muffins

Hey y'all.  How's your Wednesday?  You're halfway through the week, if that makes it better!  You're also only 7 weeks and 6 days away from Christmas, but I don't know if that helps any... I'm about to get my Christmas shopping in gear, but I keep forgetting.  Really, that reminder was more for me than for you.  Must.  Get.  Presents.

In other news...

If you're having a rough day, or a rough morning, or you're just tired of the same 'ole same 'ole breakfast 
(Mine's been generic rice crispies and a mug of tea.  Gourmet at it's finest!), perhaps I can interest you in these lovely little muffins!  I've been wanting some Peanut Butter & Oatmeal muffins for a while now, and I couldn't figure out a recipe.  So I finally perused a few recipes, took what I liked, and made these.  They're pretty good, if I do say so myself.  They're also not terrible for you, which is a bonus!

The recipe is up on Tasty Kitchen, so feel free to check it out!  Here's a few process shots, so that you'll know you're headed in the right direction!  I liked this warm and cold, although the hubs wasn't impressed with their moistness.  I had been aiming for a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs sort of muffin, so I was content.  Also, as far as flavor goes, you might want to add a bit more PB (like, 1/4 cup), since they smell more peanut butter-y than they taste.

The batter - super thick.
Don't be scared.

The flavor of these really took me back to my childhood.  Does anyone else remember this?

circa 1993

You could make your own McDonalds cookies out of (basically) graham crackers and peanut butter, if I remember right.  There's one for sale on ebay right now, but the poor misguided soul thinks you're supposed to use playdough.  No no no, these made delicious (to a then 7-year-old) cookies!  (Oh! Look!  I found a video of it being used!) I always wanted the ice cream maker too, but that was one dream never realized...  

Anyhow, the flavor of the muffins reminded me of these cookies, for good or ill, real or imagined.  I just wanted to share a piece of my childhood with you.  And now all I want is a super-sized McD's fries.  

<3 M.


  1. Oh my goodness that looks GOOD!!!

    1. Make some!! :) Obviously, I have a baking problem, and I want to get as many other people hooked as possible...


    1. You should make some!

  3. I do not remember the McDonald's cookie maker but totally watched video! MAGIC! (Definitely had and used my Easy Bake Oven regularly though).


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