Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shattered Rainbow Quilt & Other Things

I know I've said it before, but can I just say again, I LOVE MAKING THINGS.  Tomorrow, I've got a muffin recipe to share with you that I made up (with some help), and today, I've got some sewing stuffs to show you!  You've already seen the T-shirt quilt that I made (and love) for baby M.  I am considering making myself one of those, just because it's such a nice weight, and so soft!  Unfortunately, the robot flannel is running low, and that just seems to take something away from the whole plan...

This weekend, after some serious thrift-store shopping, I came home with some fabrics (and three mugs, and a small toy chest, and a coffee-stained screen print, and...).  Those fabrics helped me finish up what is my current favorite baby quilt I've made.  I'm calling it the Shattered Rainbow Quilt.  Hopefully, you can see why ;)  It's made with the same paper-piecing technique as the previous quilt, too.

The colored parts are leftovers from a baby quilt I made for a friend, and the white is mostly from the thrift stores!  It's not all exactly the same white, and so I didn't put this one up for sale in my etsy shoppe.  However, if you're interested, I might start taking custom orders... just sayin' ...

I love this back.  It's a gray & white stripe, and it just makes me so happy.  I added the extra color pieces just because, and I'm so glad I did.  Now the front and the back have something interesting to look at!

My favorite block
I quilted the front to the batting as I went, mostly because it helps me keep things square and reduces the chance that I'm going to pucker everything when I put it together.  I'm really liking that method, though.  The back I didn't do anything fancy, just a few crosses in-between the squares to hold everything together.

My Madre has been on my case brought it to my attention that I should make things for my baby, instead of just making baby quilts for other people.  I try and tell her it's not my fault, that everyone I know is having babies right now, and they all need a special quilt!  However, she keeps reminding me that in 3 short months, my bambino is going to be here, and he/she would probably like to keep warm too!  Hopefully the quilt above, as well as these super cute little bibs will appease her.

Again, t-shirt on one side...

Robot flannel on the back.  I'd say it's the mullet of bibs, but there's supposed to be a formal side and a party side, and these little buggers are all party!  I'm planning to make quite a few more, and in larger sizes (these are for a fairly small/young babe), because apparently babies will go through bibs with startling frequency.  I've also got a few more projects in the works, with more t-shirts and some terry cloth... I'll be sure to share when I get done!

<3 M.


  1. I love this! Just the right amount of color - so fun! Looks cozy too!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to wrap a little babe up in it!!


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