Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Favorites For You

This Sunday is a lovely one.  I'm in Phoenix, and we've got a high of 85 brewing.  I've almost got a grip on this whole Pacific Standard Time thing, although I don't know that I'll ever fully master it.  There's going to be a kick-butt presentation given in approx 50 minutes (by me!) and then I'm planning on some delicious dinner at a yet-to-be-decided-on restaurant.

And so, in honor of all that fantastic-ness, here's some things I wanted to share with you:

My taco recipe.
Hardly seems right to talk about tacos made by a Northern gal whilst sitting in the land of Tex Mex,
but I'm bold like that.
Here's the link to the recipe (secret is in the carrots, I swear!)
Here's the link to the seasoning.
Oh, and my all-time favorite shells .
Really, its the whole package.

Our new couch!
This couch is an attempt to make our awkward front room slightly less awkward.
After Handsome & I got it in the house, we both sat on it in silence for a moment.
Then he turned to me.
Said, "It's still awkward."
It is.
(anthropologie: from a consignment store near us)

And now for my always favorites:

This baby and it's mega muscles.
See that bicep he/she is flexing there?!?
He/She gets that from socking me in my innards all the live long day.
Doesn't freak me out as much as I thought it would.
My ridiculous dog and his propensity for being upside down.
Really, I don't know why, but he loves it.
The daisy is for your benefit.

And finally, this guy.
He's always favorite.
I love his humour.
His hugs.
The way he falls apart and only eats Popsicles when I'm not there.
That's my favorites of the moment.  While I go knock this presentation out of the park, how about you tell me what you're favoriting right now?  I'd love to share it with you!

Try the tacos,


  1. Brendan says your Dante photo could have used a well-placed daisy as well. Favorite right now: October in Pennsylvania!

    1. B. His delicate constitution is so annoying. <3

  2. My cat lays around just like your dog does.

    and AHHH baby!!!


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